Star child

She is a starseed

Left in the darkness with a book of memories

Brought to life with pages filled

With stories of the days before

The rite of magic

And the heart fulfilled.

She moves through portals into light

Bringing with her a special glow

Turned loose on a world of lost souls that move

In time to the second hand

Of a broken watch fob found.

Her history grows lighter with each passing story

Pages become blank and refilled with the minutiae of now

As she searches her mind to remember

That she can no longer recall.

She fights the pull of darkness

Slashing at the bonds that hold

And pleads the stars for guidance from

The little specks of her before self that she hears call.

She feels the energy move her

Like high tides and passing moons into themselves,

As they become silent and form into whole

She knows the path she follows

Will take her to where it is

That her soul longs to go.

She is a starseed

And she will claim her destiny

Through love and life

Hunger and war

She will spread the dust of a thousand silent stars

And give voice to the new eternity

That beckons her forth

Into herself,

Into everything and nothing

And she will rise and shine in her place kept waiting

Nestled among her tribe,

In her home on midnight velvet

Beside sweet Luna

And the sea

Is where she will meet

A new and beautiful day

She will be free.

Pieces of sea

Thoughts break carelessly
Sharp edges slide below the surface
Dreams and bits of this and that
Move into the deep
Worn down fragments remain.
Words like shells scattered
Rolling on the floor,
Drifting and dancing
Polished smooth through the years
As tides of life
Move in and out
Carried on currents
Of everyday minutes
Ticking by like
A wave lapping shore.
Skies of blue
Various shades stacked
One atop the next
As we watched the storms come and go
Surrendering to the might and beauty
Of a gift of a day
Pieces of the sea
Glass treasures found and held
In a hand like a gift
Brought home
With pockets full
Of memories.

The wonder of it all

To live this life of here
The wonder of the now in each moment
Of dreams and the everyday movements
That capture my mind
In quiet clarity.
Colors and stories
The words that flow from rushing ink
Winding round like endless roads
As the rain falls to blur
The thought that spoke
Only moments before.
To feel within
This childlike joy
The wonderous imagination
That feeds the fire
A hungry beast that craves more and more
Most needed in a day sublime
And not quite mundane
Yet typical.
Motions of pages turning
Faces and places
And seasons that keep moving
Even if we stay still
Watching the memories
A movie flickering in a dark room
Shadows cast and eyes that watch silently
In the awe of a dream cast
By like minds
As understanding dawns
Like a morning sun fights the darkening clouds
I hold my hands up to catch
Each drop that falls
Capturing the damp of cleansing
A soul awash in a treasure.

Thoughts in passing on the gift of imagination and the wonder of words and visuals, dreams that someone had that stopped to make note and we are all the more blessed for it.

Gardening at night

She plants her seeds
Sown into the rich fertile sky
One by one
Tiny specks gathered
The fruit of past dreams
Saved for today.
She waters with rain
Tending gently
Each shoot that flies free
Of the midnight garden
Watching the wind carry
The flicker across
Her universe.
She sings a quiet song
Lullabies to send
Into slumber
Each precious bit
Every small piece
The dreams to grow strong
To fall from their sacred place,
Spread upon the world
The harvest of wishes and goodness,
Bounty from the place of stars,
Warmed by the distant sun
Sheltered by the glow
Of the watchful moon.

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Jeweled thoughts

In dreams
Tiny pieces shine
Standing out
Like jewels
Sun sparkling
Off of priceless thoughts.
Strung together
River runs down to connect
One stream to the next
Where emerald grass
Sits idly by the bank
And blowing gently.
Necklace lies on porcelain skin
Blanket of wealth
Your laugh sparkling
Champagne sweet
Hand cut images impact
The beggar at the ball
Watching with envy
Green eyed
Ugliness protrudes
To steal the prize.
My jeweled dreamscape interrupted
By the beauty of Luna
Wake she implores
See me
Come and play
Two am and thinking it is 8
Light so bright catching me off guard
Waving her off
Closing my eyes
Returning to the party
On the river of emeralds
The masquerade ball
Of sleep.

Thoughts on strange dreams of a ball, emeralds, rivers and banks, sleep stolen from the moon tricking me into thinking it was time to get up as it was light out like morning.

Moon harvesting dreams

Moon harvesting dreams
In midnight hours
The thoughts deserted
Reach in to pluck
Sweet sleeping dreams.
The shadows hide
What the silver moon sees
Caught in the act
Of silent memory.
The solitary whisper
Of ghostly voice
Haunts the shell
Of autumns coming.
Trick of the senses
Left spellbound and worn
Moving and dried
Leaves without soul.
I shall sit awhile
And play your tune
Sweeping the skies
With notes of love.
Come sweetest moon
And embrace the night skies
I wait in the dusk
For your return.

In darkness moving through

Lights following my thoughts
Diamonds in the distance
Coming forward,
Rushing through foggy lowlands
Eyes peer from the dark thicket
Blue green reflected
Forest life
Lowers head to graze.
I watch my mind spin thoughts
Like clouds on the ground
Emerging to find light
Horizon pink of morning
I drift into the lull
Car motion smoothly rocks me
Into peace,
With dreams revisited
Of far off places
With no grey cool air
Wiped away with back and forth hands
Of wipers
Clearing the vision
Of jewels sparkling
Before my eyes.

Among the skies

In dreams I linger
Hanging on just a bit longer
Playing with the stars
And moving moons
Like marbles
Colored orb spinning
Amongst its friends.
Reaching out to pluck
A distant star
Standing on tippy toes
Straining to feel
The sparkling light,
Firefly flicker
Illuminating the sky.
In these moments I hold the universe
In the palm of my hand,
Close my eyes and throw them high
To float back to where they belong,
Vortex whirl they move away
And I smile upon waking
As I have held magic
In dreaming the night away
I have touched her beautiful stars
And carried the magic in my heart
Into the light of day.

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Coin toss wishes

Fountain bottom covered
The keeper of the prize,
Sparkling wishes
Like diamonds and stars,
Tossed into the blue
Invisible memory string tied
To each request.
To be a traveller
To see sun and sand and sea,
To find love,
To keep love,
To be happy,
To be well.
A thousand thoughts from hearts of dreamers
Scattered below undisturbed
And believing
And at last
Coming to truth
Unfolding through life,

Photo: Chen Wei

Dream bearer

She comes in the black of midnight
Moonless skies thick with angry clouds,
Wind whips through windows
Curtains dance like dervishes
Frenzied lace on dresser blows.
Snuggled below feather quilt a shield
She comes with her pitcher
Filled with the dust of dreams,
Like a fine mist scattered
Enveloping me in the illusions,
Peace moves through behind closed eyes.
Body limp,decompressed as she anoints me with visions,
Sand and sun and days of a paradise land,
I wonder in awe at the lavender skies
Tinged with pink as the sun moves down,
Caressing the horizon like a lovers touch.
She touches the center between my eyes,
My forehead relaxes
Third eye awakened to beauty and wonder,
I am here breathing
A gentleness among the maelstrom,
Untouched by the storm,
Unaware almost of the outer realm,
For here she has given the brightness
To block out the unknown foe of night,
She has harnessed my dreams and lead me
To a sunrise of calm.

Photo by: Chen Wei found on Pinterest