In between moments

I slip through the clouds,
the bulbous breathing clumps
like cotton in a blue cellophane bag,
high overhead in splendor
that lift my mind from the dirt.
My lingering room of dreams,
where I rest on the pillow of downy dampness
and wave my hand back and forth
up and down on invisible air
on car drives through the thickest night.
These creatures move like a flight of fancy,
carrying my moods like children unseen
and unheard waiting
for release
and these days yank my heart hard,
as I shake my head and wonder
why we cannot be as gentle
as the clouds above that move
in and around themselves
and bring comfort through dark days
when the skies grow stormy,
the culmination of time gives need
for the cleansing of the earth
and the minds of the masses
who have forgotten how to be kind,
how to be giving,
how to be human.
I need the clouds to carry it away
and pour the heartache into the space
of a tired world.

Connecting color

Skies weave lights
waiting for stormy moments,
connecting color across the trees
and leaving me to wonder.
What pushes the balance
locked between two places
riding the line to find
solace in the coming times.
Frenzied minutes pass from dark to light
and I stand beneath the maelstrom
waiting for the passing of the rain,
drip drip against my forehead
as I stare at the beyond and wonder,
will this cleansing change the world?
Hopelessly hopeful
each new day that finds me stirring
my words like broth in a cup,
I sip on the tepid brew
and wish for ice chips to cool the soul.
Rainbows and wonder once stole my heart
and now these days they’re far and few,
but I stand still and wait
anticipating the greater things
at the end of the road.

The one thing I adore about where I live is the skies that come so alive during storms. Occasionally I glimpse a rainbow, and for that, I am grateful.

Off center frontier

We move in and out
Trying to catch moments
Like butterflies in nets,
fliting from here to there
watching minutes move
off of center
but still as good
clouds gift us with the freedom
of visibility.
The whimsy of what we witness
bystanders in a stand by moon orbit,
cheshire cats smile
behind paper glasses,
or a piece of cheesy pasta
hanging magically in the sky,
and now slipping past
a cookie with a small bite missing
as the shadow lingers before
becoming magically whole once more,
we tuck our glasses
into breast pockets
saving for the seven year itch
to travel back to yesterdays lands
in totality to see
new and exciting angles
from this little blue ball
we call home.

We did not have a full eclipse here in sunny Florida, and I think I may have gotten a little sunburn, ha….hence the in and out to catch glimpses. So very cool and saving the paper glasses for 2024. Gotta remember where I put them….I’ll let you know then. πŸŒ˜πŸŒ•πŸŒ“πŸŒ‘