Hanging beyond

Slipping between the clouds of another day

my thoughts move in colors blended

like thrift shop glass stacked

one upon another upon yet more

we piece through, examining each

looking for the perfect one

knowing somewhere it will be found

when least expected.

I slip into a place of peace

wandering aimlessly down aisles

merely listening to the chatter between

one wall and another

one form asking nothing of importance

then silence falls around me

where no one is there at all,

and I gaze about me

flipping through the pages of a tattered volume

lost in the words of another

and slipping it into my meager pile

happy for an unexpected find yet again.

The sun has slid away beyond the windows

and the air tame after days of wild winds,

clouds stacked like shelves above

and I stand here feeling as if a blanket has found me,

light and soft and perfectly colored

suited to the whimsical mood and emotion,

in this place I close the door gently behind me

with a bag in hand

I move forward to escape to the blue room

where my words will join the rest

sentences stacked upon each

eager for eyes to see

content to just be written.

Captured in travel

It came to me then,

Watching the lofted clouds climbing 

Like heavenly stairs rising

Into the blue.

I turned around after hesitating,

Yet something spoke to me

To turn round and go back,

Come to see this vision,

And in gravel road side weeds I stopped,

Vacating the warmth of my metal box

As cars raced by destination unknown.

I stood there 

Eyes filled with the rays that fell

Touching the ground gently,

Just watching silently

The movement,

The way the light hit just the right way,

The perfect way that said

This moment will not come again like this,

Here right now

Overlooking the silent field

Where under summer skies the horses move about

Yet they were strangely absent today,

Perhaps seeking shelter

From the chilling wind

High on this hill.

I watched with peace flowing through my soul,

And capturing the scene

Turned around smiling

Headed for the home

That waited patiently

For my welcome.


Morning marriage

He sits and waits among the stars
As her essence shines
She rises slowly above the horizon
And he waits silently,
She wears her veil of fog,
Her misty essence of pastel
Damp and cool she moves forward
Lifting her shroud as she sees him
And the warmth flows through
This morning world.
She reaches out in glory
A light beheld and cherished
He turns and slips away
Follow me he seems to taunt
And she rises up
As he slips away
Becoming one
Some other day
She lives her times
In light and movement
He lives his in darkness
Of space.
Eclipsed in splendor.

As I waited

You hung in silence
My crescent companion
A slight tilt
Like a remembered smile
You watched my so quietly
As I waited
For the morning to come.
You illuminated my sleep
While I lay dreaming
I awoke to find you full
Overflowing with words
Shouting out loud
Come to me.
Time found me waiting
As darkness covered my skies
And I could not find you
As you were on your journey
I knew you’d come back to me
As that is how it must be
And I sat waiting once more
Just for a chance
To say hello.
My silly moon,
So vain and bright
Your robe of stars to adorn you,
How I love to see you slip in silently
When I sense you there
I look up to find you laughing it seems
At the smile you find
Decorating my image
So very happy
Hello again friend.

Floral skies

Rich in the colors
cosmos of floral
charged with passion
light the night
with sublime beauty.
You gift me with
that unseen energy
turning this and that way
into shapes and magic
I long to rest in the clouds
of your wonder.
To touch the pristine
in awe of all here
I am a student of your intensity
I am alive in your orbit.

Inspired by my friend Morgan who always seems to remind me of that which we cannot see, we can still feel and be a part of. Thank you my friend for setting my sights past the stars and into the heavens above.

Full moon fever

As she comes to me
Slipping silently up
Before my eyes
Naked in her glowing splendor
She whispers to me in my aching sleep
Come to me my sweet
And I shall hold you
In my luminous embrace
All the dreams will be
Brought to fruition.
The hounds grow restless
As she brings me forth
From the depths
Of silken sheets
And feathered covers
She sings to me
Her sweet song
Through sleep fogged eyes
I lift my arms to reach out
For her sweet caress
And awaken to find
Her cool crisp scent
On skin
And I am in a state of bliss,
I have become whole
In her light.

Jealous skies (morning awakening)

She climbs the horizon
Sweet flicker of morning
Painting the world in pink orange hues
Palms sway with the front moving
As she pushes up and above
The silhouette of trees.
I am still here
See me watching you through
The clouds that snag
On her pretty dress
Trying to hide her beauty
Jealous skies
Of grey white cloud
Winds whip the sand against bare legs
As I watch her bloom
Into her self
Of magnificence.
Do they see all that I do
Between words in the mind
And the sky above
Somewhere in the middle lies the truth
Of the here and now,
Of tomorrow’s that continue to miraculously come
Bringing their gift of the senses,
In time and space the stars tuck themselves away
As the sun goddess rises
To kiss the shore
And wash the day in sultry warmth
Heading home with the treasure
Of the moment
Of a jealous sky
Of another goodbye.

Gardening at night

She plants her seeds
Sown into the rich fertile sky
One by one
Tiny specks gathered
The fruit of past dreams
Saved for today.
She waters with rain
Tending gently
Each shoot that flies free
Of the midnight garden
Watching the wind carry
The flicker across
Her universe.
She sings a quiet song
Lullabies to send
Into slumber
Each precious bit
Every small piece
The dreams to grow strong
To fall from their sacred place,
Spread upon the world
The harvest of wishes and goodness,
Bounty from the place of stars,
Warmed by the distant sun
Sheltered by the glow
Of the watchful moon.

Photo found at: http://she-wolf-night.blogspot.com/2013_01_01_archive.html

Twilight escape

As slippery sun sinks
Into its envelope
Behind clouds,
As quiet desperation of a long day
Ebbs away
With the breath of peace
Consuming it.
Like a flame to aged paper
Ignited with splendor
Of twilight,
I shall sit beside
Cool still waters
Reflective of the sky above
Healing energy will run through
Like lotion on parchment skin
It is there that I am reborn
Muscles fall into states
Of nothing
Taking on the look of death
So very still
Yet so very much alive
As blood rushes through
Earth massage
Of time and space
And a mind wiped clean
Sultry nature spa.
Ready for the stars and moon
Galaxy drive thru view,
Splendid and worthy
Of every award
The dark blue carpet
Cosmic flashbulbs
Paying homage to
The silent twinkling above.

For love of luna

Gliding into view
Peeking through
Chantilly lace clouds,
Luna sweet luna
You sing your tune
Smooth like a river
I move along on your reflection
Entranced by your cosmic glow.
How can one so love
The image of you
Lost in your cold white splendor
Mesmerized by your shy
Peek-a-boo games,
You sprinkle my stars
Sweet fairy dust floating
Surround you like a cloak of diamonds,
They too must be in love
With your beguiling self,
They too must be jealous of
Your grand light.