Endless movement

We are locked in thoughts endlessly moving
etched in time we find the separation
of yesterday, today and tomorrow
between memories and a song
sung in the stillness of a night
graced by the moon above.
I feel the grains coursing through
caught between need and want
and the simplicity of a voice in the essence of dusk
calling the soul to remain
in the calm.
Holding the world in the paper cup
reading between lines to find
it don’t matter much when it’s all just a groove
cut in the fabric
out of place
out of context
and to feel the love of life coursing through
leaving the waves
crop circles of the mind from nowhere
going somewhere
just not here right now
but ringed planets revolving around
in endless synchronicity
to a word spoken out of tune
moving round the fullest moon
still missing something
I’ve just forgotten once again
locked into this wave of life
as the rain waits to fall
and skies turn to sailors be warned
sitting and waiting
on just the right the words of perfect song
to touch in just the right way
perhaps being heroes
just for one day.

Change Becomes

In quiet gardens we watch
day to day changes that come forth
everday green bursting
alive with the gentle color
of a morning sky
tinges of pink herald the coming
of beauty for eyes to behold
tiny gifts of love
blessed by the hand from above.

Tender flowers dot the landscape here
as we walk along the quiet streets
lost in our thoughts gazing beyond
at houses dark, not yet stirring
and in secret places between the green
small blossoms peer at us as if to say
good morning, come enjoy our love
for it’s not long that we stay
and we say farewell and move along
finding with each turn something new
as life blooms all around us
we smile and feel the peace
of another beautiful day
as it comes to life
in color.

Photo taken in our front garden, enjoying the many lovely colors and each day on our walk, we seem to find new enchantment abound on each street we move down.

I’d like to….

“I’d like to see the world for once
All standing hand in hand
And hear them echo through the hills
For peace throughout the land”

I remember when I was a child, seeing a Coca-Cola commercial, thinking back now it may have been Christmas time when I saw it, and this song began with one voice, joined by another and then another….I’d like to teach the world to sing. It brought tears to my eyes as a child and I heard it on the radio a few days ago and again, the waterworks began. Such a simple song, truly but what it means in this day and age, means so much more now than ever. I’ve been wracked lately, overwhelmed by social media, of the attrocities happening around the world and it tears my soul up. Brutality against man and beast just leaves me tired and drained, oft times feeling as if one person can’t make much of a difference. But my friend Tre has been teaching me through her words about focus, strength, faith and I find it soothing to know I’m not alone in my feelings. This universe is crumbling at its core and so many feel helpless. I’ve been installing new and improved filters in my life, I have to be whole, strong and use my voice to uplift, not tear down. I need to let those tears flow and not bottle them up, to speak out where I see a wrong and to be a human of love. I’ve been tuning out alot of the negativity for self preservation. I need to be a better person by learning more about others, knowing I may not be in their shoes but that I can stand beside and at least try, to be a friend, to love all without fear and worry. Perhaps it may not be enough, but perhaps it could be a start for new friendships in this life based on empathy and knowledge and pure love. I’d like to teach the world to sing, and I’m learning the words first so that I can sing out loud and proud. Violence and torture must stop, in the history of man, it has never solved anything, only begetting more of the same, but love, now there’s somethhing we need more of, always. The best part about Love? It’s FREE! Te best gift to give and it comes with an endless supply too. I found this image on the internet the other day and I absolutely adore it. A beautiful creation by a beautiful soulđź’ś
Peace, love and above all, shine your light and sing.

Double dog dare

Just one of those moments, another year older and here I’m thinking my eyesight is failing me, I don’t remember what day I took this and do not recall the sun being at that angle where it would cast shadows like that. We’re normally out in the evening in which case the sun is on the other side of the house, in daylight I don’t think even a flash would throw that kind of light, so I will chalk it up to happy mysteries of the day to day. A double dog dare….okay, really she just wanted to go in, perhaps thought someone was getting her a bone or biscuit….or two…or three, but the image drives my eyes a bit buggy, thinking it was out of focus, nope, two for the price of one. Just a bit of Thursday fun compliments of miss Apple. Or as hubby put it so nicely a minute ago, “Mug shot?” , yep, think I will go with that….she is a thief after all, stealing our hearts like that.


I Sang
Because I had no voice,
because I was taught that being supressed
was okay
that it didn’t matter
because I was not a bird
and I could never be
flying free
but a caged and petted version
of something other than Me,
like an object
that was maybe Good enough
and I SANG
in the shadows where no one heard,
where no one could see
to laugh at me,
just a wilted sparrow weak
flapping aimlessly against the hold
not knowing why I needed to fly
to hear the song of My Soul,
to let my voice be heard,
to BE.
I Sang
because I knew it mattered
if only to ME,
which was important enough
to let it go into the sky
as the words could fly so very high
unlike broken wings
that remained impassive
and sad
and stagnant in their growth
yet as I Sang,
the words growing louder
and so in turn I Became
that which I sang
and found the key
in the tiny spaces inside of me
waiting patiently
for the story to be told,
the ugly sad-like voice silent,
so many years lost
Waiting for just This moment,
THIS very moment that became only Mine,
that just this tiny lost voice
Became Everything…..
if only to ME.

Patching up spaces

I found this image on Facebook a long time ago and while clearing out my photo files thought it would be a lovely share. This time I saw it in a new light though, as often happens when time and distance creates an almost back burner effect, set aside to warm and brought to the table when ready. It reminds me of our souls and our hearts, of how many fissures and breaks we endure on this path through life, on our journey. We gather the pieces back up of course, stuffing them in to the empty space that now lay there but somehow, there always seems to be a piece or two missing. So what to do? 

We often search for something or someone to fill the void, feeling incomplete as the wind whistles through those cracks, but what if instead of cramming things in that may not exactly fit, we fill each one with joy, with happiness. Wouldn’t that be a great thing? The gold or silver will be precious moments that made us smile, the laughter shared, the songs sung, each and every little thing would all melt together and fill in the space, creating a whole effect when done. We are often drawn to those who have that special glow, that happy attitude. Why is that? Perhaps we see something in them that we long for in ourselves. Perhaps their experiences and sorrows and rough times were filled with happy, giving them an appearance of beauty and wholeness, we see it because we have our cracked imperfect selves when we look in the mirror. We can do it too though, spackle in the hard times, the sad times with an abundance of happy, turn the sharp torn edges to smooth flowing joy, a liquid rainbow to pour into the space, we will radiate the reflection of what we project and others too will then come forward, wondering why you are so together and beautiful. Why are we now beautiful? Because we perceive ourselves to be, projecting outward a new amazing light and when we look back later, we may not have realized it but we became that which we admired, whole and unbroken and it will be so very good. Become the art, fill the cracks in with the patchwork of love, hope and joy, be who you were meant to become. Whole. Complete. Unbroken.

Within the magic

Only within the innocent mind
where magic places sit and hide
and fairy dust is sprinkled there
without a care,
the peace of the woodlands whispers
the stories of things rarely seen
a forest shrouded in dappled rays
where laughter is heard
on gentle breeze.
I’ve seen this place in deepest dreams
colors cool and the mushrooms wild
on beds of pine so soft to touch
undisturbed by man and such,
this world of silence where birds still fly
and dragonflies race on summer skies
as butterflies flit with elegant grace
here in my magic place.
At night the lightning bugs fill the air
a dance of lights on humid air
and the scent of a campfire draws you near
as the melody of the night music calms the soul
and Blue and Grey will smile for you
as sweet dogs do
beside the pond of Smith acres
the magic moonlight and mystery
of a magic place of hope and light
on a fresh and beautiful summer night.

For Sara….

Nothing deeper than….

Star of fire lays in the sky
And I can’t sleep till she slips beneath into
Her shroud of darkness
for it is who I am
restless in the night of shadows
watching for her demise.
Oh she will return,
don’t get me wrong
for it is her nature to glisten
on the earth like a mirage
rippling in the city streets
testing the patience
of the weary.
There is nothing deeper than fire,
stirring the embers of a mind moving
ever moving,
searching the depths for shade,
for release,
and in the quiet of a moment she descends,
whispering words of solace
of another day passing and a new one on yet to begin,
pouring out the golden goodness as only she can,
swimming in her beauty as she warms the chill away,
for only she can slip beneath skin
and remind
that over and over again,
she will return
and there will be no rest
until she is done.
Without her is death,
within her is life
surrounded in her embrace
we are alive.

Within these moments

Complexity amongst simplicity
mind moves in slow motion unsure of direction
wide world washes over like waves
as treasure on the shore leave me wondering
at the peace within these moments,
here one minute then gone the next
retreating back into the shell
of another world.

Spiral staircase memories
wind their way into the hold
plundering the remains to find
tattered pieces of something gone
and forgotten,
still I turn each piece over
carefully viewing the etched beauty of each individual,
unique and different
all so special
putting it in my pocket
for another day.

Creations of wonder
the thoughts of each in this world
stirred by the life within held with tenderness
scented with the salt of wind and tears
and the endless sea like life
that keeps moving in and out
washing a poets soul,
cleansing a spirit with the setting sun
upon the gems of yesterday
we try to grasp it all before it moves
back into the depths,
back to its beginning.

In between thought

“Soon you will see me ’cause I’ll be all around you
But where I come from I can’t tell,
But don’t be alarmed by my fields and my forests
They’re here for only you to share.
Cause here there’s lot of room for doing
The things you’ve always been denied
So look and gather all you want to
There’s no one here to stop you trying.
Watching and waiting
For someone to understand me
I hope it won’t be very long.” Hayward/Thomas

I am here in this place,
in between thought and saving grace
as the sun settles down
upon the remains of the day
and in darkness I become
one with shadows.
I have become this pattern of peace
dappled in shades of night and morning
whisked away on an endless dream
content to know
out there somewhere the star sits
waiting for moon to balance
the edges with light.
I breathe in cooler air
where once there was the fiery heat
now comfortable like a quiet stream
that speaks to me in a memory
but you are here now
and I will join soon
eyes closed and filled with calm,
free of sadness,
free of the bounds of gravity
Flying high in a state of mind

As the time for sleep draws near, I find myself in a very good place, calm, clear, collected and steady in breath….content, yeah, thats the word, content. My mind has been on a jukebox playlist all day, Billie Holiday all the way to playing air guitar in the car to AC/DC! rock and roll aint noise polution…..i think i scared the dude at the red light next to me, but leave off with one of my Moody Blues faves….youtube it if you desire, sing along with me and feel the calm wash over.
peace and blessings my friends,
goodnight, K