Dog days

We move
caught between movement of people
and then back again
to the quiet that lives here,
in this place,
where we know what is
and is not,
the faces becoming familiar
and then bags move between doors
and cars
and the quiet echo of empty rooms,
we wonder
and we walk there and smell the remnants
of those we know, wondering
where have they gone?
Sleep comes then,
no longer a need to protect
with the vim and vigor,
we move back into what we know,
the comings and goings-
our everyday people in and out with regulartity,
treats given in abundance
for they know we are suddenly lacking
the newest charges departed,
the faces we remember
our job on the back-burner,
we grow weary and sleep
as you lay by our side
back into the comfort
familiarity suits when needed.
Reminders of endings
as they watch us lovingly,
we are growing older
and you are not aware,
we watch as you grow older too,
napping and turning a bit grey
though you gaze and see still the bits of youth,
we are content in our beings,
moving through the rooms searching for friends
who left their scent in the remnants,
as you have left your mark,
we sleep on content
this is where the tides sent us to be,
floating on the bliss,
contently wrapped in the fabric
of the lives of of us.

Our friends from back in New York left today, the dogs a bit off-kilter not needing to “protect” the newest members of the pack, I found this pic on the web and this looks so like our girl Chi. Apple is tired, slowing down some days it seems, and I chronicle the lives for they are woven into the fabric that is me, pet owners will understand the inner workings of the mind of a dog owner…or perhaps cat lover too. Some days it makes me sad, getting older, life moving on, but life none the less….some day I too shall be amongst the glimmering stars, but till then, you will hear my words, and I hope, hug your loved ones and know how truly you and I are blessed. and because I know he is watching, hugs from Apple and Chi to Dad….i think your birthday is coming soon…ha! Watch your mail sir! woof!

Sifting through

We sift through the moments of our days

reviewing the minutes that stood strong

while the bits and pieces fall quietly away

trampled under foot forgotten.

We go through these stages

like steps through the wilderness

never knowing what may lay before us

yet eager to climb to the top,

to see the view to forever.

Distant stars and suns revolve

regardless of our wishes or dreams

and small surprises grace us

when least expected,

miracles can often remain.

The tricks of our eyes play games

as we think what we see is what we have given name

and for us it may be true,

but for another may be something foreign and new

so we capture it under our looking-glass

showing our finds to the world

with words that have settled in the dish

after the sifting is done,

what remains is what is,

not to be changed

we hold the largest essence in our heart

and call it our own.


Life textures

I gaze at each line that graces my hands,

Tired and worn through years of use,

Like a well read book held together

By twine and love,

Trying to preserve the essence

Of life textures


I move through pages of the past

Images and sounds bring tender smiles

Of those gone yet remembered,

And the greying faces reflected

In the hearts mirror

Held together with memories

Fresh with hope

Life goes on.

Cold winter brings about a coating on our souls,

Frozen in our spaces vying for warmth

Besides a flickering flame

And the call to a sun so far away,

Return to me dear friend and spread yourself

Into aching bones and fingers

That pen these words while watching

As each moments drips away

Like icicles on the ceiling

Melting from the warmth

From within.