Red water runs

Moving menace

Fish flounder in sickening seas

Birds will die from poisoned fins

Sadness as the breath

Escapes in particles

Consuming oxygen

Killing life.

Can’t breathe here suddenly

Escape back to safer climate

Down the street and away

We are able

We run seeking shelter

If only they could too.

Went down to the jetty today to experience our first red tide since we’ve been living near the gulf, upon exiting the car, the particulate in the air took your breath away, I came home feeling sick and my nose plugged up and we were only out for about a minute and a half. It is horrible and my heart aches for the fish dead and dying and the birds that consume them awaiting the same fate a little bit in the future. Praying for it to break up and go away sooner rather than later. No swimming, no shark teeth hunting, no peace. Sigh. Not my image, googled one as my photos came out not so good, not enough time to get a good shot…couldn’t breathe.

Courage opened

Like a gift
To the heart
Of self and soul
Opened exposed.
Words keep circling back
With truth.
So profound to finally see
What was always there
Waiting patiently.
Stepping out in light
The stage set for the final act
Her entrance quiet
Unannounced entering
Luminous and shimmering
Elements of earth
Fire, air, water
Movement so sublime
Almost missed
And then suddenly there
Before you.
Offering itself freely
Courage rises
Slipping in through cracks
And shining like the sun
Eclipsed by the moon
Searing into memory
This moment
This place in time.
Head high
Shoulders back
Forging on
Into the tomorrow
That lays in wait
With abundance and infinite possibilities
Hands open
As it fills to overflowing.

Peace rings true

Tiny little bells
Dainty sound of joy
Wind whispers gently,
Peace is all around.
Summer shades of laughter
Drawn from within
The merry soul shakes
Mirth and joy abound.
I heard a robin calling
She flew down to the ground
A light shone in her eyes
And winking she gave a nod
Grabbed a twig
And soared above.
I wonder where this life has hidden,
That’s stirring so very deep
Within the core,
Oh how I long for days like these,
When peace resides in happiness
And the little bells ring
Peace is love found.
I feel like my steps are floating
Inches off the ground,
What pulls me up,
Father moon
Mother sun
Just please don’t let it end,
Let it carry me forward
Like the gentle wind
That calls sweetly come,
And envelops me in its embrace.

Thoughts on today…I am just so happy I could burst. Things falling in to place and all is right with my world. Blessings from above.