Edges of existence

In between days
months and years passing
in the blink of an eye
lost in the gazing
of an artists sky.
Hollow pockets keep secrets
move along in the current
as tides take me far and wide
yet something always pulls
the mind adrift in bliss
floating on the edges of existence.
Where do we go
as we gather dreams like wildflowers
plucking the beauty of color
and pressing between pages
the pristine blossom
that is life,
and do we forget then
as it moves from hand to hand
found in another place and time
by a stranger never met
as we look deeply into the eyes,
feeling the grief held
within the deepest pools
do we but connect for just one second,
moments that course through the everyday
and we watch knowing
a kindred soul has swept in
like rippled skies for our eyes to feast
on the gentleness
and we feel the pleasure in the silence
between words not needed
like a lyric penned
and sung in hymn to the universe
that connected us with the gift
of that place
on the edge
of sweetness.

Breaking dawn….

Shedding the skin of dreams ending,
peel back the softest blanket
and emerge into the calm of a new day
as light breaks into the thoughts
giving life to the awareness
of a morning emerging.

Memories of voices weave their way
like a beautiful basket of love created
and holding the thoughts in endless depths,
the bottomless favorites saved
and packed away into the boxes of the heart.

Breaking dawn finds my mind
swirling about delicately
and gathering my mood of lightness and joy,
I am ready to begin again
as this beautiful day finds me waiting,
with a serene smile
and a knowing that it’s all so good,
it’s gonna be amazing
just wait and see.

A beautiful day to all, woke feeling calm and refreshed and images of a big bright sun, like a sweet orange, peeling the outer edges to reveal a sweetness found ❤ ❤ ❤

A thousand stars

Lost in the thoughts of cosmic delight
a thousand stars on silent nights
and wishes made on shooting light
we find the peace
let go the fight.

We sit spellbound as sights change form
this special time is far from the norm
as strength becomes sewn from what was torn
in peace we find
we are reborn.

We win the game that which we choose
and walking away we cannot lose
as skies cocoon us in heavenly blues
the feathers found
like beauteous clues.

Just some thoughts in rhyme as my day gets moving, off to work and counting down
with the gift of only one day next week on my final week, Sunday and then emptiness for the rest of the days. I know I am truly blessed to not have to spend any more time than necessary in such a dark place. Saw the schedule and laughed in glee. Big weekend next as a special friend arrives and that makes me doubly blessed indeed. Yay!!!! counting down the days, wishing on stars for peace and healing for the world. Peace and love, K