Paper poetry

A curve
like the side of a mountain,
shooting in the flat horizon,
powered by belief that will keep on going;
something special
that will not end.
Mountains have two sides,
the curve climbs a mountain peak, but
then a plunge
down the other side
The people wonder why
they were wounded so badly.
The plunge often wipes out
what people had
when they ran a picture
suffered the delight and pain,
most dramatic.

From an article on investments and bitcoins in todays paper. On a humorous note, just below was an ad for facial and vaginal rejuveination…..with a September special, buy 2 get 1 free….I don’t know but last I checked, I only had one of each….so who would get the free one? Things I ponder over my yogurt 🙂
Peace and happy Sunday folks 🙂

Useless thoughts and Mondays

I should be sitting here singing about the carpenters
Although not a raindrop in the sky this Monday,
Sitting at my desk listening to some Floyd,
The pink variety, dark side of the moon,
Should be dark side of the mood.
But I am gonna sit here
Whiling away my time
Like Groundhog Day
Doing the same thing I did Thursday
Over again once more,
Because what was good last week
Has now been changed
By the charming fellas
I answer to
I told the professor I could see trough the suits,
The words from forked tongues
Now I know why I am humming
Lies lies lies from the Thompson twins
(Which were a much more attractive and fun bunch than those shown above)
But alas, told one thing
Then told something else
When the truth comes out
I can’t stop laughing.
They look at me shocked
And I hide my mirth
When it’s just yet another day at work,
But I am smiling
Because I create my destiny of mood,
And am not gonna let this bunch bring me down.
Five days and counting,
Less than that now,
Singing about smoking cigarettes and watching
Captain kangaroo ……although haven’t smoked in years,
Just singing to myself
Like the happy girl I am,
And doing this job over and over again.
I think a little more sugar is called for, anyone have a donut???


Any ideas for the next song?