Who belongs to the hand that carves the angels

into the cold stone of nothingness

beauty created smooth and serene

touched by the gift of ages.

Eyes that see where nothing sits

etched piece by piece from marble

bringing forth the creation of an angel

never meant to fly free.

Does she sit pondering her moments

as those who pass by reach out to touch

her silent face that cannot cry

for remembrance is her gift,

partake upon passing

to never forget who lay at her feet.

Souls without face and only a name

perhaps a year or day

never why they could not stay

but to gift with the angel for the balance

she rests sadly by,

until years pass and no one recalls

why and who,

she will still continue to touch

and inspire images to signify her being,

the gift of those who loved

once upon a time.

For some reason when I saw this image, the song from Annie Lennox kept playing in my head so thought I would share the words that won’t let me rest until I put them out there. One of my favorite songs from her, Youtube it if you’d like. It is beautiful indeed.

“Dying is easy
It’s living that scares me to death
I could be so content
Hearing the sound of your breath

Cold is the color of crystal the snow light
That falls from the heavenly skies
Catch me and let me dive under
For I want to swim in the pools of your eyes”   Annie Lennox-Cold

It’s for you….

Waking from another night

Strangest dreams leave me pondering thoughts

Scattered like stars on a moonlit sky

Crescent hangs high,  smiling at me.

Music flows me into a lull

Messages of angels find me in peace

Triple numbers everywhere I look

Pick up my friend it says…

It’s for you.

And I’m sitting here smiling

Believing in the simple magic

The world holds such incredible moments

And I’m plucking them up

One by one till overflowing

Like water in an empty glass

Or shells in plastic bags,

Souls with no names whisper

Everything’s working just fine

Embrace the joy

Pick up the line

And follow in sweet bliss

Into another day.

All morning long, triple numbers keep surfacing after a night of magic laden dreams, someone’s getting my attention I believe….gonna be a great day….albeit currently negative three…..but sun should find me today. Music singing about floating and lighter things….yep, gonna be amazing.