Days of dreams and ebook sale

Waking in the thick of night
dreams leave the mind through portals
of opened eyes and muddled thoughts.
I flounder about to make some sense,
the full moon says it all.
Deep sleep lulls
the mind that strays in fantasy
of unknown faces and remembered places
I stretch the soul into newness
and grasp the dreams
unfolding like paths
before me.

Good morning friends, I’ve had a lot of busy days working, but on my last two days off, I finally took a writing break away from my third novel.

My second novel is in the editors hands, and the third (the sequel to Tales) is underway, and the first book is on sale today at .99 cents for the ebook. If you’re interested in a fun read, Tales From The Thrift is the name and author is K.L.Laettner.
Hop on over into the Amazon portal and pick yourself up a copy.


Listening to the past
through waves of golden sound,
played out in rays of light
and knowing this is life.

Slip in to find a chord
of rhythm I have found
the path of love and truth
forever now unbound.

In harmony my thoughts
come forth to say hello
in whispered joy they rise
to greet a brand new day.

Elements of primary

Whimsy found in the unexpected
quiet places bathed in color,
come calling to the childhood soul
play awhile and remember me,
in a glade of giggles
we spin round and welcome
the return of youth.
Crayola hues of red, yellow and blue
touches something within the soul
that sheds the mantle of age
for just enough time to bring joy
to a tired mind,
recharged in abundance of belonging,
laughter and mirth in a quiet place
where the child inside
can again play
with the forgotten tools and sights
of a rainbow hued herd
that silently wait
to make merry.

The hula hoop holder frogs in the childrens garden at Marie Selby….a magical land found behind the waterfalls and past the hugging tree. Picture taken by me.