Ebbing life

Life juices drift from within
inching its way higher into the sphere
doing only what it was born to do,
giving food to the space
through winding and twisting columns,
veins of green shoots blooming
to die come seasons end.
Wither and change like days passing
we barely take time to see
and notice the little subtleties
before our eyes
as we rush to and fro
on our way to bigger and better
the moments pass without our care
for it must be this way,
and we too move like the winds
into the fallow times,
the cool loneliness of grey days
fill our hearts with memories
of a childhood perhaps
or a special scent that brought joy,
the seconds of our lives we see intently
for it is our nature
to dwell within where the warm spots wait,
a comforting place of peace
where we nestle and perhaps see beyond
to the window pane
where waits a dying leaf
that upon notice
falls in its silent glory,
a final show
swept away on a wind
a swirling dance of spirit alive.

On autumn wings

We are the shared sounds
a thousand butterfly wings beating
changing as seasons move past us
like sepia toned images
of our thousand days of life gone by.

We filter through soundlessly
changing form and space
with the whisper of wind we flow
on gentle breezes we become
a new image of our selves.

We move forward into a new day
colours blend with the backdrop of others
not yet ready for their time to shine
and days get shorter as the cool of tomorrow comes,
the frost will etch the veins of withering leaves.

We will tremble with the moment
as we get swept away to the next waiting stage
to sleep and perhaps to feel within
the awakening of our lifes dream
captured in our beauty
blissfully awaiting it all.

Life sweetness

We come to a season of changes,

tucking ourselves away in our fortress cocoon,

tiny spaces where we linger with our thoughts

as the air cools to the remembered touch

the honey still runs in the warmth

like the river of gold goodness.

The morning skies reveal the blessings

amber slips through the sheets of clouds

as we awake and peer beyond the view

of our moment of now we wonder

what pleasures the day will bring.

Sweetest life in these days of less light

waiting for leaves to fall that cling so tight

and the pumpkin beneath the palm

still doesn’t quite seem right

but it is here

and it is what will be

as the days move closer to visits and birds

flying down to seek the warmth

from their frigid ice houses

and we welcome with azure blue pools

warmth and love to soak the soul

and we will bake in the hearth

those breads and pies that comfort so well,

and we will be grateful

as we are today

for every little thing

and each change that comes

from season to season

there’s always a reason

to find peace.

Beyond the door the thunder booms

and the sun out front betrays the winds

change taking place minute to minute

and I sit here to share just a moment of life,

to bring you in to find a place to be

sit here with me

and we’ll talk awhile

or just sit in silence

watching the Autumn clouds roll by.