Color spell draws me
Within the subtle splendor
Whisper strokes
His hand blends the heart
Into awakening.
To show you the beauty
Irresistible in love
Skies song of pastel
Sings to me of lullabies
And summer nights
Spent in solitude
Passing through
From one moment to the next
Into the frame
Of awakening.

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Wandering heart

She walks the night
Her old self left behind
Following the moon
Searching for tomorrow.
She walks with purpose
The light of her heart
To guide her way
Moon shadows dance
like fairies in the mist
scattered haze
she glides through
glancing back only once
to remember all of her yesterdays.
She walks alone
this journey only she can make,
to find the truth
off the life beyond
the summer wind
of a midnight walk
blowing forward she moves
to the next day.
Breezes gentle
like a childs touch
brush her hair as the moon moves
from one side to the next
night to morning
then back again
one step after another
she knows she is getting closer
to the answers she seeks,
she is getting closer
to coming home.