Grains moving through in gentle waves
piling into formations we find
treasure in the expected places,
yet still wondering what may lay beneath.
Each step we sink into soft damp bliss
the water moving with the pace of the day,
in and out washing away to expose
the smallest wonders in our winding path.
Time moves forward, drifting on forever
in the ageless moments where children play
perhaps dreaming of pirates and mermaids
they know not what tomorrow brings,
but only the now they are in.
Do we smile when returning to those times,
essential memories of yesterday
as games and the day seemed to last so long
now knowing in hindsight how fast it moves,
no matter where we find ourselves
as the compass gives its knowledge
do we heed the silence and a beating heart
as we forage on in search of more,
do we give our thanks for each moment given
as a wave moves in and out
doing what it knows
pushed by the winds of fancy
and rushed by the storms of fate,
we pluck up the random stones before us
that catch our eye for the shape and style
and are we but a treasure too,
set free from the bottom
and cast out upon the drifting sand,
seen by that which is unseen
and set free to become a part
of the amazingness of the whole.

Lost and found

Roaming waters ultra deep

restless fins hunt for sexy swimmers

Jaws was here but I hope he’s gone

but his teeth live in my lost and found.

I walk the beach and they find me there

washing ashore or in the sand between toes

some large, some small I grab them all

and they keep showing up like magic.

They say they’re fossils a million years old

but all I know as long as they’re not attached

to a face with thousand all shiny and white

my legs in the water will be alright.

A fun foray I always find

with my Ziplock bag and a wet behind

from leaning to grab it before its gone

blindsided by the wave that came in fast

sunglasses wet and face of salt

but a smile from ear to ear

as I open my hand and find the big one

laying there.

100_1716.jpgMy latest haul for two hours at the beach walking in knee-deep water and also just on the beach. A good day indeed, and when the jar is filled, Lovie will buy a new one to start again. We are in the “sharks tooth capital” here, and it is certainly living up to its name.

Sweet thoughts 

The weather outside is so delightful

No cocoa to ease a snow so frightful

When the sun is shining down

There will not be a single frown

On the beach for holiday

With hearts so light and gay

Toes in the sand

Drink in the hand

And no snow, and no snow

Still no snow.

The palms are waving lightly

And our cheeks are pink and smiling brightly,

Not a care on the mind

Left it all behind

With the cold

And the snow

And the grey skies that blow,

A home so new for the holidays

With blue shining water and calm flowing waves,

I think we really like it this way

Strolling hand in hand

Pups are running in the sand

And Christmas in Venice a treat to the senses

Happy holidays my friends

Just a fun little post to make you smile.