Mermaid winter

She waits on frozen shores

Winter cuts her to the bone

Time to escape to find warm sunny rays,

Mermaid muses on cloudy days.

Swimming into the frigid depths

Finding the surface where the sun waits smiling

She feels the ice melt from her veins

Home again on white sand shores.

Songs of summer remembered

The sights and sounds of days of heat

Rippled air of oasis awaits

She sets her hair free to fade

On a piece of salty land

Her hands dip into the deep warm sand

And she scatters shells like diamond dust

At ease in her place

By the distant sea.

She sings a song of peace and joy

Of cold hard places she lets those fall away,

And beckons those to join her here

Embracing the beauty of her place of blue

Sparkling waves under a winter orb,

Of sand and sun

And the white glistening moon,

To sit a spell and watch the tide

Moving her from side to side,

Drifting into the ocean of bliss.


Dark skies greet
The tired mind awakes
Silhouette of buffalo
Reflected by the red tail lights
Moving forward to the field
Skies alive with white haze plumes
Time to move
Like cattle through the chute
Forward to the opening
Heading to the sun.
Land of colors waiting
Friends I’ve yet to meet
They wait there on the sand
Joyous sounds to hear,
Another world
Another place
Solitary figure emerges
Time to move
One step
Two step
The breeze keeps calling
Keeping the beat of the heart
In rhythm of the moment
Heading to that place
The island of bliss
Yet finding I leave a piece behind
Missing you
See you soon
The time is now
To fly.

Thoughts as I wait to board my plane to Key West, missing my love already yet excited for the adventures that await.

So close

It is an amazing thing
How mood and perception
Can change
In an instant
To know you are so close,
So very close,
To a dream coming true.
To finally realize
That nothing can stop
The manifesting of a destiny
Once the stars line
Leading you on
To the hearts desire.
To be able to feel hope,
To be able to smile
And to know that the only thing
Stopping you is fear,
And that suddenly that fear
Is no longer a piece
Of the puzzle played
Putting each one in its place,
Picture almost complete
And at the edge of my horizon
I will see the moon waiting
With the coming of spring
One more puzzle completed
Fully and beautifully
By hand.

Thoughts on sandy beaches, the impermanence of anything and the culmination of dreams and hopes coming true. Like a shooting star, watching the momentum rocket joy through my soul.