A New Kind of Down: The Breath & Bones of a Writer (a book review)

I am not normally known for doing book reviews as you all know, but every now and then when I actually find the time to read one from cover to cover without wanting to set it down and walk away, then the time is prime for a review. I ordered Tremaine’s book on Amazon a few weeks ago and have now gone through it not once but twice. I was already familiar with Tre (as she’s known over at her blog which can be found at https://simplesoulsister.com) and her writing, and of course her tales of life with her cute little dog Jernee over at her other blog https://ajerneeofsurprises.wordpress.com and as a fellow dog lover I am often tickled by the antics of her “globe eyed little monster” and have become a dedicated follower of her blogs. This is the first book I’ve purchased by Tre and let me say, I have no regrets what-so-ever. Opening my mailbox to find the brown envelope from Amazon was only the first happy point of receiving it, and upon further inspection as I sat down with my coffee, gazing at the peaceful image on the cover and reading the bio on the back, I couldn’t wait to dive right in. I did not put it down once. This is her third book and not having read the other two (yet) I can’t do a comparason but I know for me, third time’s a charm and trust me, I was charmed.

I can tell that this book was a labor of love and it shows. While reading it, I felt as if I was peering into her heart with each word she wrote, and it often took me back in time to that of my own life, remembering my younger days and the emotion and passion that slipped into each relationship, failed or otherwise that was a lesson in and of itself. The pain spelled out like a story of love held me captivated from beginning to the end, always hoping in my way for the starry happy outcome, I was left cheering her on to bigger, better and amazing things for her future. The poem “Realizing Reality” was exceptional (page 7) and Get High (Get Gone) was a sultry little piece that made me smile. Without a Doubt (page 40) was another piece that flowed splendidly and spoke to my soul, reminding me of me when I was in my youth, the longing of love and the way she writes it out, is almost as if she’s speaking directly to you, reminding you of the feelings of life and love that we all at one time or another have felt. It’s not often that a writer can slip you into their world so effortlessly and taking you along on the journey with them. There were so many pieces here filled with such brutal truth and deep substance that I could go on and on but I leave you to grab your copy and judge for yourself. I wouldn’t want to give away all the goods but this, this is the essence to me. The one sentence from Fool for it all, Including You sums up my favorite phrase: “We are in Amazement. Standing among greats in a tiny space, Searching for gems. I rely on the Sanity of love’s Grasp in the middle of time and space….and here, I always seem to find it.”     In her writing, I found a place, a space where the heart lives and breathes.

Her writing in this book is a compilation of free verse, quatrains, haiku and flash fiction. with each piece so unique and beautifully written from the heart. I can tell time was taken with this book, the flow of it and the rise and fall like the tides of the heart, like a beat or pulse in each piece, bringing it to life with her touch. I honor this book and the soul that wrote it, knowing it will be kept on the special shelf in my blue room which houses the sacred books that touch me. This book was published and available through Lulu and is also available on Amazon (links below) and I believe at Barnes and Noble. I highly recommend Tremaines book and know that if you grab a copy, you too will feel the passion of love and loss stir in your soul…and perhaps like it was for me, a heavy sigh as the last page finished and a feeling of leaving me longing for more, even if just a page or two or ten.



Rating: Five out of five stars

Will I be?

When the time comes,

as every good time must,

when change moves through

demanding of ourselves

a metamorphosis of soul

will we be ready for the inevitability

of change.

Will we embrace the darkness

the cocoon that holds us tight

turning us into something unrecognizable,

morphing us into a new creature


more beautiful,

free to fly above it all

without remembering,

or will we remember

when we were strange,

not so beautiful,

an anomaly of nature that was found

sitting awkwardly on a stem

searching for something

we never found.

Will we have courage to become

that which was always intended,

that which we were never told would happen,

just a faint thought in our minds that there must be

something more than here,

something more than just this,

as we take our steps slowly,

precariously balancing on the surface of life

wary of predator

yet still existing regardless,

will we settle into the comfort of sleep

trusting that which will occur,

the magic that will happen

when we least expect it,

will we welcome it into our lives

as we gaze at stars feeling so very small,

will we realize that we are something,

not nothing,

that we are all a part of

the larger whole.

100_1676.jpgA strange caterpillar? found wandering among the confederate jasmine, my camera not the best at closeup images of insects, but I found it to be rather cool and beautiful, wondering what it will someday become, and hopefully not dinner for a hungry bird or lizard. This fuzzball inspired the words above.

Creature comforts

A beautiful day for a walk, the sun barely visible above the horizon and a cool breeze, almost chilly compared to what the day will have in store. The dogs seem to like these days, cool and comfortable, prancing and pulling at the leashes as if we were running the Iditarod instead of our normal morning walk. A few houses down, in a ditch that is often littered with Huge pine cones (some of which have been collected for future Christmas decor) the dogs pull harder on their leashes, noses to the ground and of course I search for snakes….I hear they like ditches and therefor I don’t like ditches. Apple in the lead with Chi in hot pursuit of what may be there, up jumps this mini knight with four legs. It’s shell beautiful and quite decorative and shiny and almost silver in color. I’m not sure who was more afraid but we all jump, the dogs careening backwards and I think they said what the “f” too if I heard right. Well this little beastie jumps across the ditch and begins running for the woods a short clip away, the dogs giving another tug to pursue but we hold course, continuing on our way. I looked as we passed the woods and this little thing just stood there staring at us like “haha, you can’t see me.” I hate to tell the little creature, but he or she didn’t exactly blend in as it sat there next the the empty Miller Lite can, perhaps he thought he was related to it and of course, there’s safety in numbers. The things you see…..hmmmm…..my first live armadillo. That’s enough….it can stay down the street….and out of our yard please and thank you.

Ecstasy unfolds-a compilation of romance

A romantic tryst continues with the magnificent Cynthia Morgan on this beautiful Monday. Her words certainly thrill and leave you breathless, waiting for more. This weeks stunning image by Mark Spain and the verse to accompany this beautiful artwork was crafted by the amazing mind of Cynthia. Please do check out her site http://booknvolume.com/ for more stunning visual effects and words to lose yourself in. Below this weeks offering are our earlier works, we do hope you enjoy our Monday tryst.

Ecstasy unfolds
I hear Your voice,
Sweet, Alluring, Delicious;
And My body quivers,
a Willow in November wind;
I have no choice.

I hear You breathe,
Hushed and Rhythmic, Unconscious Seduction;
And My lips tremble,
betraying the Sweet Obsession
that lies underneath.

I feel Your Guile
Measured, Purposeful, Deliberate Plea;
And My eyes close,
Pulse Races and Reticence Scatters;
I see You Smile
As Ecstasy Unfolds.
Written by: Cynthia Morgan

Eyes that smolder, drawing you in
the teasing smile like a sensual sin
she gazes through, lights your soul on fire
as your thoughts burn like a funeral pyre,
her skin so smooth, so silky light
and you want it so much, this lovely delight.
Her words capture you, a sweet southern drawl
on hands and knees you’d surely crawl
to touch this maidens soft pale skin
your fingers run down as you begin
to trace her back like a delicate dance
lost in the moment of this romance.
Beguiling words to quench your thirst
for lust and life she will come first
to weave her magic on a poor souls heart
you never want to be swept apart
this wild hearted woman with a wanton need
will claim your soul, on this she’ll feed
and take you to the dream you crave
for her you’d be her beckoned slave.
She is the master of such desire
a sultry mistress you’ll never tire
as she leads you to her chamber door,
Oh God, you think…I must have more.
Writing by: Kim Laettner

Awake amidst the Morning’s shimmer,
Glimmer Smiling upon your Skin,
Begin the day with Love Beguiling,
Smiling to know the quandary we’re in!
Beyond the Whispers, Silent as Prose,
Rose Red Morning lifts her Gaze,
Haze of Fire Softly Singing,
Bringing Mischief to these weary Days!
Oh My Love, Before you Leave me,
Be my All one Moment More,
Implore from me my Heart’s Desire,
Fire Kissing a Boundless Shore!
Clandestine Love, Immortal Treasure,
Amidst stolen Moments of Exquisite Pleasure!
written by: Cynthia Morgan

Deliberate Plea
You come to me
Deliberate and gentle
In my weakest moment
You gather me close
Skin touching skin
Please, let us begin.
Passion fills the air around
Touch me now,
Don’t let me down
I am filled
My cup overflowing
You are all I desire,
With you my soul is on fire
As we are love-inspiring
Take me now,
One more time.
Written by: Kim Laettner


Lavender skies
Rippled in hues of Rose
Hello beautiful
I am here and present and
Loving this day
Embracing the morning light.
Hello my friend
Always good to see
Images of you all in my memory
All so beautiful
Days of rising Suns
Nights filled with stars so bright
And my lovely moon
Comes to welcome me
So large
My night-light of the cosmos
Hello beautiful I say aloud
As my brush moves through tresses
Eyes clear and bright
And to you dear ones
Hello beautiful
Wishing a day filled
With amazing moments
Peace filled memories
And a reinvention intention
To treat yourself like the true amazing soul
You are,
Hello beautiful
I think of you and smile.

Photo found on Facebook.

Twilight escape

As slippery sun sinks
Into its envelope
Behind clouds,
As quiet desperation of a long day
Ebbs away
With the breath of peace
Consuming it.
Like a flame to aged paper
Ignited with splendor
Of twilight,
I shall sit beside
Cool still waters
Reflective of the sky above
Healing energy will run through
Like lotion on parchment skin
It is there that I am reborn
Muscles fall into states
Of nothing
Taking on the look of death
So very still
Yet so very much alive
As blood rushes through
Earth massage
Of time and space
And a mind wiped clean
Sultry nature spa.
Ready for the stars and moon
Galaxy drive thru view,
Splendid and worthy
Of every award
The dark blue carpet
Cosmic flashbulbs
Paying homage to
The silent twinkling above.

Queen of goodness and light

Are you out there somewhere

in your faraway land

where stars twinkle at night

and fairy tale wishes float on air.

Are you the princess of the manor

or the queen of the stately castle

all alight for the party of life,

belle of the ball,

masked and beautiful.

Are you the woman who shops at the stands

on streets of vendors, fruit and vegetables

and fresh bread steaming from corner store doors.

Are you the magical witch casting spells

of loveliness on all you meet

and those who strain to hear

your wise words and laughter.

Are you the girl with the dreams of good things,

of deserts and oceans and sand between toes,

are you the whimsical child who sends love filled

With smiles and joy

the gracious soul that gives this world light,

the lantern, the keeper of the moon

the goddess of all that is beautiful.

Lavender fields

Somewhere there lies a place

of peace and waving fields

rows of lavender

under the Tuscan sun.

I hear it call like long a lost lovers whisper,

come back to me,

come home

to a place you’ve never been.

Wine flows like a river of clear white water

and cheese nestles next to olive stuffed pleasantries,

and fresh warm bread melding into the moment

with the scent of comfort

rising in the air.

We shall sit there

amongst the quiet fields,

my color of choice,

like a waving carpet

shades of Violet, lavender edibles to the eye

short of plum,

nothing else is missing

except for being there at this moment,

while a thousand miles away

we sit beneath our own piece of the sun,

and the only thing missing is that particular shade

of loveliness,  joy, and the experience and scent

of lavender on the wind.


thoughts on this beautiful piece…lavender fields oh how I long to see this view someday.

photo by: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/richard-t-pranke.html

Lavender Fields Tuscan


To imagine

She had always wondered
What would become
Of her passion,
Her words,
She imagined great things,
Really spectacular things
And she climbed into her mind
As she lay down to sleep
Dreaming of great things,
Amazing things
And here was music
And joy
And it was if the world was opened
With a giant zipper
Spilling out all of the goodness on
Her world
And she smiled and her heart
Beat so fast
Because all she had imagined
Was always within her
She just didn’t have the eyes tuned to see
Until it came to be
And she knew
All she had imagined
All she longed for
Rained from the sky
All of the pieces
Falling into her little cupped hands

My thoughts of excitement this morning. For the first time I had a post get a hundred likes. Things I dreamed of coming true. Woo hoo!!!!! Thank you my friends, you’ve made my day complete. Blessings and peace, Kim