Souls And Skies

High above where dreams do linger
in the region of these sleepless nights,
climbing beyond the horizon,
we reach the place of memories
and swim amongst their depths.
Shaded from the views
we touch each fragment
as if for the first time,
the senses aware of starlight
piercing the heart
to let in the goodness of now
and we gather the tiny beams in our net
as they spill out like water
to the earthly floor below
we laugh then
for we can.
How high do we travel
beyond the solid maze of everyday,
weaving in and out,
remembering the finer points
when least expected,
faces familiar before us
we grant ourselves reprieve from sorrow
to fall into a gentle place,
a space moving constantly
from mood to sighs,
we come home to our heart
a little more whole than before,
a bit more of everything
that we finally allowed
to be a part,
that we now embrace
as who we have become.

Through the elements

Breathing in
settling thoughts gently
through the elements
as stars gaze coldly
between the spaces,
I become calm in the heart
knowing time will continue
without the focus of my attention,
like breath that rises and falls
without effort.
Feel the fire blaze and cool
into what it becomes
and I can move through the spaces
like an errant oblivious ghost,
self drifting here nor there
unattached to a singular cause
for being encompassed by it all
a wholeness fills the crevice
seeping out drop by drop
watering the parched pieces
thirsty for a soothing place
of unspoiled space beyond.
Through this minute
created by seconds
broken into eternity
there is no reality
just names we give
for that which we cannot fathom,
simplicity is the gift
wrapped in an invisible box
tied with the stars
that stand steadfast and sure.

Another day in paradise, made it through a day and night without A/C and realizing the little? things we take for granted, meditating and finding peace, looking for the good in things learned and primed for another six days of work before some normalcy (time off) resumes….Feel like temp today 100, but still, life is good. Peace and blessings and I Will be back soon my friends, promise. K


Delight held in the rising memory
of a flower opening in the morning light,
moments remembered unexpectedly
surfacing through the fog of minutes passed.
An image blurred that comes into clarity
a face or conversation
as years had gone by unnoticed
the scent that lingered at the edge of thought
teasing the mind to recall.
There were flowers undulating quietly,
a day calmed with a summer breeze,
lavender blooms so small yet abundant
standing tall on green threads in their endless bed,
the gifting of a smile borne on the lips of a soul lost
as tears dried beneath a sun that healed,
stopping to see what lay by the side
the garden of care open for releasing
as secrets whispered amongst the beauty,
the darkness slipped away in a found peace.
Welcomed hints of yesterday
come to me in sleep and dreams,
waking in the morn as sun nudges her way
beyond the horizon in pale pinks and blues
a garden lies quietly waiting
and her buds rise to touch the sight,
unfurling their pale flags slowly
and gifting the dawn
with a beauty so gentle,
opening the soul to begin its day
in abundance.