Living layers

Lost in the deepest corners of the darkest sleep

hours pass living out scenes with strangers

and eyes that dig deep with knowing

into the soul as we watch the moment

like a television show first seen in color,

with wonder we breathe in the clouded air,

as if a long-lost spirit you’ve once known

watching you intently with a hint of smile,

as you recognize somewhere below

in that layer that you knew existed,

yet had never entered-

the calm moves over smoothing the storm

as the heart beats in time

with the dream realm story before you.

In dreams do we see

hints of those passed on into the energy of now,

connections of spirit that call to us,

we wake refreshed and smiling

for even in knowing the experiences not real

yet always remembered with a certain fondness for their being.

Do we gather lessons we’ve learned

while visiting these corners of the mind,

are the faces unfamiliar yet known

perhaps sent for reasons beyond our minds perception?

Deep eyes looked into mine and I had the sense

they were sent with a message

and as the weight of days were lifted and carried,

I felt like I could fly into the gathering clouds

knowing that movement was now needed

to join the underlying layer

to become one with the deepest self,

to be

to breathe upon waking

into a realm of peace.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night, a stranger whose eyes seemed so very familiar, kind and light and in conversation I left, walking away feeling as if the weight I had carried had been lifted away and that in allowing, I had become free. I like dreams like that ❤


My mind is lost in clouds of bliss

in a land where the silence of emptiness rings on air

and the softness of peace cocoons the soul.

Manic moves come to abrupt endings

and I stand on the edge of the reflections

wondering what it is I now see within.

Lost at times yet still searching,

wandering the mind like a bohemian child,

the lost chord is waiting to be found

and the bells of the winds beckon to follow.

I need to be here in this place

where endless skies kiss the peaceful water

edged by land that left no prints behind,

forging forward to the destiny and faith

breathing in the slivers of dryness

parched lips sing hymns of patience

and set free the song of a time of believing.

I come to ask the clouds for their wisdom,

the drops of harmony and life-giving measure

caught in a cup and sipped slowly,

savored for the life force it gives.

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These thoughts stir like a simmering pot
Tragic moments of sadness overcome
then clearing whispers in remembered images,
how had I forgotten to simply ask.
Pieces of the jigsaw put together
unexpected view, not what the image portrayed
but so much better
as I was throwing the words into the air
whispers on the stream of clouds
a simple plea to make it all work.
Sun rises with voices from yesterday
it’s all gonna work
all gonna be okay
’cause I don’t have to settle for that which brings
turmoil and misery
when the world waits for the love flow
of a manifesting miracle
sweet winds blow gentle breezes to calm
and the windchimes sing their song
feeling the peace flow through,
and the song plays on from the multitude
and I laugh out loud in joy
because that’s how it proceeds,
the parade of amazing things
as the hole closes behind the lost minutes
a new tomorrow comes to call
bearing gifts
for all.

It has been a day of such good things, pics of the old home being revamped in a beautiful way by wonderful souls who are making it their own, a new door opens for our trip back in time, and a peace finds me waiting with the gift of a beautiful sister who made my day complete, and the gift of course of my friends here who always let me know tat with each rabbit hole I fall into, there is always a potion/door to make my escape back to where I need to be. ❤ peace and love and manifestions of Wow.

Cloud reality

Laying about
Quietly relaxed
Floating on clouds
Of a dream.
Anything to have
The world to hold
Sweet thoughts
Can make me smile.
Shapes of things
To come and go
And beyond the thought
A universe so full.
Dreams of the blue
The place and faces
Nothing to stand in the way
Of letting it be.
Eyes closed I slip away
Into a moment of here and now
The snow falls gently
And I go to the sun.
Places of reality
The endless possibilites
And I reach out my hands
Catching it all.

Dream weaver

He comes forth from his journey
Spreading his magic
While we lay sleeping
Dream dust and hope
For all we seek
Behind closed eyes,
Open mind flows
Calling him forth,
Come sweet friend
Been so long since I’ve seen your face,
Tell me of your journeys
Weave your words and take me there
While I lay sleeping.
Old man gets younger with each tale he weaves
Till he is young at heart once more.
To share the world
To dance in magic dreams
To see a tomorrow
And let go of the fears,
Knowing to ask
You shall receive
And a pity for those
Who never try to open the eyes
The windows to the soul,
Closed in their own pain
To be alive
To fly
Wings touching the sky
Carried along on dreams that float on

Pool of dreams

She sits by the edge
Gathering the dreams
That move along
Like a leaf in a stream.
Her mind drifts along
With a song and a whisper
Of sunshine in her heart.
She gazes down
Seeing reflections
Of changes
Of truth
Of a wonderful life
And all that will be.
She gathers up wishes
And touches her face
Laughing as the wetness
Runs down upon her heart,
Cleansing like a summer rain.
She moves farther down
Un afraid to see
The reality
Of all she desired
Of all she believed
Of each and every
Hopeful wish and dream.
Pooled and sparkling at her feet,
She scoops them all in her hands and
Throwing them so high,
Each speck turned to a star above
For all of the world
To wish upon.
She takes flight
With her wings of gold
And flies out amongst her kind
Gone for but a brief spell of time,
She will return
When the stars fall used
ANd will sprinkle once more
A new gathering
For the future.

Balanced strength

Living a life, like most everyone else
Balancing thought, faith , need
Amongst the status quo.
Who we are,
Reflections of ourselves
If we sleep well at night
What we believe shouldn’t matter
Except between ourselves and
Our consciousness.
I am me
You are you,
I could not change
A thing,
But you wake each day
in your belief system and I in mine,
We respect each other,
LoVe each other
Believe in each other
And that is our life.
This universe has brought me to be
Who I am,
I can sleep, dream, believe,
I have it all at the touch of my finger
Peace being grounded,
Woods that embrace me as their own,
My world as I know it.
My friends in the great world,
I hear you, I read you,
I cry and laugh with you,
Just in case on this fine evening you who wrote words
Yet still felt so alone,
Just a thought to let you know,
Tomorrow shines a new day
And please do smile,
Through loss of family members,
Self, it doesn’t matter…
We all lose as that’s what this life
Just does….time is a system which no one
Can measure to,
Today, tomorrow,
How about now,
Right this very second.
Someone is here after all,
Funny how that works…
We’ve got you….
Just smile believe and hold out that hope…
Tomorrow is just another day
For you
For me.