What were they? Those words written
quiet and sloping on gentle waters
moving endlessly
in their back and forth tides,
an homage to the hanging sliver moon that rested high
cradled in the clouds?
The solitary bird flew into the distant sky unaware,
for me, his quest to be an image unforgotten.
I plucked a single feather
and dipped it in the darkest water,
ink of the world of blue.
The words flowed fast
furiously splayed out with drops,
endless supply abound,
I had an inkwell of salted wetness before me
and I wrote more and more as if in a fever of need,
as thoughts filled in like a tsunami,
the prior vacancy filling up
from the cobwebbed corners to the roof,
spaces were filled to overflowing
these words came forth frantically,
and I stopped for only a moment
as my toes sunk deep in the sand
and the waves eased their movement
perhaps waiting for the next words to fall,
and I know not what was written
for the clouds obscured the light
and I searched for the sentences
for from below and within me
places where a thousand feelings reside,
they spilled their silent secrets out,
emptying the trough that had been so full.
A solitary wave moved against my feet
erasing the moment
and slipping away in the madness,
the memory was lost.
The bird flew from view
as night called my name,
I turned and walked away
forgetful of the sentences
that had brought me here.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night.


In that space between breathing
as the exhale happens effortlessly,
before the inhalation of freshness
with windows rolled down
and the scent of the sea fills me,
I gaze into the gold-red light
sitting on my shoulder like a small bird
and eyes rise to the rearview mirror,
I gather the colors in my hold
feeling the gentle peace fill my soul.
I leave behind the sky
as I move my way in the snaking line,
red tail lights glare like angry eyes
I follow along like a wayward puppy
eager to escape and run free from the crush,
lights turn and the movement surges
cattle through the chute
heading for destiny
and the road opens just a bit
as I chance another quick look
as the sun slips away beyond view,
a bird soars on breezes above
and I am jealous
that though so truly blessed,
to feel that open space on my wings,
to dip and glide
nowhere to be
just in the now
leaving behind the crowd,
alone in thought
and words pour forth
perhaps I soar.


Linked to the chain of universe speak
the colors cascade the thoughts of those inspired.
We glimpse the beauty
as sudden moments thrust themselves
unexpectedly before our souls,
reaching in to pull the strings
of awe and miracles
as life spirals and sweeps in
carrying us away.
Shades of hues we are drawn to
bring the eye in closer to see
a thousand bits of nature hung
on silver clouds drifting in their rhythmic way
no rhyme or reason
to the amazing moments
this life gifts to us,
if we see and become aware
like our steady breath
giving sustenance,
we carry the images of the presence
of a present on high.

Learning a new word today: murmuration (a flock of starlings) and this image captured my interest, blue hues and a moving show I’d love to see in my lifetime.