We all shine on

Stars glitter above us
hanging like ornaments on velvet skies,
we reach within our minds to join
the universe shining on.
In dreams we float on silent seas,
ripples move us forward to horizons
beyond our reach, but never so far
that we cannot close our eyes
and find ourselves everywhere.
We all shine on.
Sparkling souls conjoined in unity,
those who love and embrace the joy
of each second that ticks by,
bestowing the gifts of bliss.
We hold out our hearts to raise the bar,
higher and higher we seek to be
light of mood and laughter found
all around.
Who doesn’t love the sight
of glittering rain or snow falling down,
when lit from the fire within
our souls spin happily
and a song on the mind plays on,
Guaraldi’s fingers play softly
the tune we hum along
with a child’s smile.

At work yesterday I heard a Charlie Brown Christmas song from Vince Guaraldi. My heart filled with joy and a smile hit my face and I twirled around humming along as a few customers chuckled. Light hearted moments and sparkling things…shining on. Keep calm today my friends and don’t forget to shine on in your own happy way ❤

Quiet peace

We are built upon foundations
peace and harmony set piece by piece,
created ventures stacked
we become the image of
the beauty that surrounds.
Who doesn’t love a meadow
or a stone wall reminiscent
of long ago writers whose words filled
the heart of a child who dreams.
In life we find so little remembered,
yet the words borne in the mind grow
like fertile seeds blossoming
into beautiful trees that give
life and home and shade
on summer days,
and a place to sit beneath
resting in hammocks and finding
the quiet peace we crave.
Our solitude keeps hearts beating strong
and a sound of birdsong on the wind
carries us into the sleep of dreaming
and seeing the universe
through closed and calm eyes,
we write our words
so that others may hear
the voice of a thousand years
lives in the soul of all.

For some reason, I keep visualizing a stone wall that holds a forest at bay and separates it from the thousand wildflowers that grow in a meadow, birds flit about and it is spring….Robert Frost comes to mind and words I learned as a child….and perhaps the path that leads through it all is the one less traveled. Just a thought. Peace and love and off to work my friends, have a beautiful day filled with abundance and laughter.

A nudge from the universe

As I sit glancing at the images

beautiful thoughts filling my mind today

and all of the blessings that have been given.

So far from yesterday yet still so close in heart

I see the magic of spirit around me

of those no longer here.

Gentle games they play with me,

numbers I adore come unexpectedly and I watch,

waiting for more

as I think of a person who wrote so long ago

and a passage that always comes to my mind,

as I turn to the next read on the universal web

I see his words staring at me

almost as if in a taunting smile

that to believe in the goodness around,

keeping the heart light and the spirit strong

I am moving in the right direction

with nudges from the universe.

I laugh then just because

and it feels so very good down within,

to set free the spontaneity of joy

and to feel so very thankful today

and every day,

how these moments let me know that it will be,

the magic will continue to spin around

wrapping me in its sparkling embrace

as I light a candle or two or three

giving light and love to a festive moment,

I am humbled by these gifts

and give thanks.