Between paths

We walk through fields and valleys

life moves us along as the wind blows

choosing our place between beauty and peace

we greet each storm with hope.

Colors invade the space of our senses

crafting a universe of all we see,

for choosing light through darkest clouds

we break through to find

a new and clear open horizon,

a course to chart and find

with each continued step along the way.

We close our eyes and listen

as words are said and we give it meaning

understanding when it is time to move on,

leave behind the ditches and mire

climbing out with lended hand

we reach out to grasp on to what we know

and leave the decay behind

as the shadows cry on

still muttering away about it all,

we smile and break free

flying high on a life of peace

in dancing flowers of hues too many to count,

we take our place

watching the clouds move

through the light of today.


Days shine brightly on a heart that hears

the sounds of shuffling papers in boxes,

tearing open gently to peer within,

like the thoughts of a soul knowing

greatness has been delivered.

Colorful images make for smiles

and words teased out by blue ink thoughts

spelled out so lightly and carefree,

open the heart to the gifts of friends

as letters sent and received,

the sweetest things indeed,

pieces of the heart given in love.

I am always so excited to get the old proverbial “snail mail” delivered to my mailbox, I rush out (adding steps to Beulah the domineering fitbit) grabbing and turning to find a pickup truck almost ready to run me down. Good thing for sneakers that move like lightning, and even though I hope that some day texting while driving is banned in Florida, I shall be a bit more careful in the future.. After all, this is a pretty quiet street, I guess my mind was basking in the sunshine and love sent from afar. Thank you to my dear heart Tre, my mind started singing Blue Guitar as soon as I opened it. I owe you one ❤


You who are light

shining in the darkest hours

waiting in the window like a beautiful beacon,

knowing you will be there

when we arrive.

Voices and hearts afar know truth,

as they dive beneath the surface of souls

to see what lies beneath

we carry each other through

good days and not so good,

we light the way in love.

So many gather here

in this place of imagination,

where all is possible and dreams thrive

because we craft ourselves out of purity

and in doing so gather together

the tribe of like selves

who see what many cannot,

who inspire those we may never meet.

I feel at peace here today

and for those who wear their painted caps

in shades to make the moments pop,

and those whose voices are heard between lines,

those who quietly inspire who’ve slipped away

through the passages of time,

I think of you all on this grey raining day,

knowing the sun will shine again another day

but until then I am content in the arms

of the world I dwell in,

blessed truly, for each of you who spin in orbit

around my universal world.

Beautiful photo found on Pixabay

Words to all of my WP family, reading so many words and loving acts (Lady G) and to those who need a friend to help them through tough times, you know who you are and I hope you know that every day, you’re in my thoughts and heart. No words can convey my deepest thanks for those who found me, stick by me, and dwell in kindness and love.

Peace and blessings to all,