Steps beyond

Winds billow the cloth that holds together
the pieces of a tattered heart,
standing on the edge of a dream remembered
and holding to the invisible hope
that anchors the sanity of a soul.
Body leaden and tired
it moves slowly to the rise above,
higher and higher seeking
the steps beyond the madness.
There is a quiet peace
like a frayed rope that still finds use,
braided like a delicate chain
and thrown to save the drowning mind
just out of reach yet knowing
there will be some salvation.
Turning to face the light of triumph,
we stand tall to catch each fragment
through experience we gather the courage to start
over again and one by one the falling steps
move down the other side,
we have been here before
in dreams and life,
the familiarity breeds a sense
as forward movement draws a sigh
of contentment at the journey’s end.

Beautiful art by: Ibuki Satsuki


We wear it well

Life savored,
samples of bliss on pretty dishes
elements of the universe served
one of each for you and me.
We gather in our tribes
celebrating the beautiful days
the crumbs of happiness caught on lips
smiling with full mouths
of joy.
These dreams we carry with us
packed up and set within invisible cases
slung over the shoulder and peered at
while waiting for the light to change,
green we move forward
creeping and taking time to just inhale
the feelings of our being.
Flowers in a vase and champagne taste on tongue
a fine chocolate and a held hand,
the finer shades of bliss
we swim in the depths
below a setting sun,
blowing our seeds of laughter and joy
on the wind carried
into tomorrow.

Having an amazing day. I accepted the job offer for which I blissfully applied, and for a moment, savoring in the joy of this life and the gifts it brings. Manifesting on with a smile and skip in my step.

Billowing in

Undulating thoughts
seasoned by the light cascading
rippled effects like tissue
capturing the darkness
and whisking it away into
its magnificent and invisible self.
We gather by the edges where
the rays of goodness labor away
in unity they descend upon
the latent thoughts of the masses
shrouding in beauty
gentle they come.
In empty rooms of the mind
banished of everything,
errant thoughts
and the worthless words unspoken yet still
hanging tenaciously on,
echoing in the chamber of restless minds,
we whisper with the breeze,
billowing in the centered calm
as we sit in repose waiting
for the descending day to find us
breathing softly,
and energy rolls like waves unseen
yet felt,
and welcomed.
Silk moves like heaven
soft as feathers found on sacred ground,
tipped in darkness,
contrasted to the absolute
of the shade that encompasses all.