If not now….

If we wait….

time passes by like a phantom storm

cascading minutes we try to gather like crumbs,

if not now

then when,

do we wait saying it will be there,

when we’re ready

but not right now,

not this very second

the light within asks



Mind splatters its story on pages

one after another and the skies beyond grey

and dusk lights the night with the demise of day

and we look around to find

so much has passed

as we dove in so deep

drowning in the need to release,

to get it out there,

make it right and let it live,

unfolding like presents opened

we stop to breathe

wondering when we had given that much thought,

to take in air

and look around at the eyes that watch,

wondering if we can play,

if we can stop for a moment

and just be.

The fire within can consume in an instant,

the flicker smoldered

before catching on a draft,

running on adrenaline before it slips away,

we stack the pages neatly

written in the cloud

we smile pleased

at another speed bump passed over

slowing down to look for the next in the future,

we play hopscotch with our days,

looking for the end space

to make the win.

Began writing my book, not a poetry one as originally intended and finding I lose hours absorbed in the stories, the minutia, making timelines and creating a flow. A humbling experience that at times seems so overwhelming but I am thoroughly enjoying the new “creativity bug” that has bitten….now to just find more time to read, blog, paint, live, etc…..thanks for being patient with me my friends, working my way around to visit. Peace and blessings, K

Photo taken looking up through the ceiling of the butterfly conservatory in Key West a few years back.

Written within

Lightness of a cloud

hanging on the thread of a ray of yellow

horizon beyond the thoughts below

a universe bound in peace.

It lay there, somewhere above I thought,

like a word that escaped into the sea breeze

only returning on soaring wing

touching the tip of the memory

yesterday compressed to see

the importance in the view.

Sweet like a lullaby,

cradled clouds I never saw till now,

gazing at images and pulling out

the best of the rest

cropped and fitted to the soul,

endless skies gentle

on a quickening pulse needing release,

soothe the rest as it always does,

restless no longer as time ticks away

and the moment comes to move

into the remains of this day.

I found this image in my Key West photo bank, almost deleted it as the people were dark and unknown, dug out the little cropping tool and was happy to find this left behind when all was done. Off to a long day at work and needed to find some peace before the storm.


Shelved quietly on a dark space

I feel her eyes follow me,

beckoning to something deeper within-

soundless voice whispers her intent

to be carefully held and admired.

The demeanor intrigues

in a gentle soft palette backdrop

standing and silently watching

something important has begun.

Skies alive and waters calm

she becomes a part of all she sees,

a simple soul that knows of bigger things

just beyond the edge of her world

beyond the faded wood

her protection for so many years,

a landscape of beauty

in a foreign yet familiar land.

On impulse yet not quite

feeling the warmth in my fingers

I turn her over for safe keeping till done,

gathering her for the short trip home

the blue room her new space

giving inspiration unexpectedly

she speaks to me of greater expectations

and as she watches

I try to deliver in my meager way,

a gift of beauty speaking

through the poets words.



Yesterday on my day off, I went to drop some things off at a local thrift shop and then went over to the Salvation Army store and found this beautiful image on a shelf behind a stack of misc. art. I sat her on the shelf in a brighter light and pondered her, 30% off and knew for some reason she needed to be a part of my world. The artist was William Ladd Taylor and it was framed back in Penn Yan NY at a studio that from what I could tell, was around in the 40’s. My print is a bit faded and the back paper is crumbling, not sure if I dismantle the picture, would it be brighter beneath the glass. The top photo was found on the internet and I think would have been taken of the original, mine is a bit faded but loved none the less. I stare at it and her face is filled with such a quiet peace. Now if I could only paint a sky that stunning. Welcome home dear lady.

Softest strength

∞Infinite movement the earth in life

slipping in to sift the thoughts of a new day

carefully plucking the strongest of dreams

and letting the balance

wash quietly away.

∞The whispered words of night are heard

in recollected stories told through a fog and haze

as thunder rolls so far away

echoes of itself felt

as its energy dissipates.

∞We divide the fragments of dawn to dusk

below surfaces where danger lurks

while above white stallions race to shore

and clouds above again re-form

speaking to those who listen,

awaiting a coming storm.

∞Monoliths stand for a thousand years

battered by the tides sent calling

etched and formed before our birth

we cannot but help to stare at the view

seeming small and soft as we compare

the sand to stone and fossil found,

strong enough to outlast the end

as time winds past the minutes show,

the unobserved still linger on

if only in thoughts held in trembling hands.

∞The gathering of specimens that once had lived

now kept in polished jars and waiting

for the next pondering to trickle down,

the wonder and awe still enchanting

of ancient articles found.

Photo found on Pixabay.


The end tether

Together searching down corridors

colors and words flow faster than light,

five hundred-dollar hair and a flair

for not knowing when to stop.

Swirling like a dervish

up and down like a ping-pong ball,

light shining from golden teeth

she speaks of God who sits beside

on her shoulder

and I wonder why I feel

the compression of the energy

draining away till I move past her

each step so hard I move towards the light

of the sun that found the plate-glass window

leaving the wound top spinning

behind me.

God bless you another says

and I look confused as I hadn’t sneezed

yet she gazes beyond me to the girl

and the sight as she sways and moves,

taking selfies of colors

wanting it all

as she dreams in her mind and speaks

to the silence around her,

the others stare and I compose

moving back towards the whirlwind

tornado girl up and down into her sky,

she smiles and asks Libra or Gemini

but I can only reply


and she laughs out loud and says she should have known

for I exude the peace she searches for

yet hasn’t found

for the pills bringing her too far up

to feel she can get back down,

I keep distance as the pull of energy shifts

and I breathe in and out

letting her go about her moment

set free in the candy factory she says,

just wishing she had all the money in the world

to gorge on all she sees,

dyes and nails and pretty things

for inside she feels the ugliness that must be covered,

and she takes God in her hand

with a smile and a twirl

buys a few items but not all she wishes,

with not enough cash

and credit cards that speak denial,

leaves from where she came in.

Thoughts on a long event at work yesterday with a reformed junkie with a gorgeous dye job and gold teeth who spent so long in the store, taking pictures of hair colors, talking to herself, me and anyone who would listen (which was no one except me) and though I could feel the energy being sucked away from myself, had enough sense to walk away and gather up before engaging her again. A nice girl who has found God, has three children and a husband of 17 years waiting at home, but was a non-stop whirl of talk and movement. I do not know her name, but prayed for her and her family regardless. Just had to write something to get it out. Peace and blessings, K



We see what lies

above surfaces with eyes

that believe the shapes and contours

are all that is,

below so much larger than

the eye can see

in its finality

drop by drop

spilling away into the whole of the sea

blue movement on calm water

smooth emotion on rough seas.

We capture images of what we know

that which we can touch and call it true

yet knowing the unknown

believing in what we thought we knew to be ,

we slip below and go a little deeper

in awe of the splendor of what we find

as we slide into the knowledge

of so much more

than the writing on the wall,

we feel the sense of the universe speak

as it washes over our open minds,

fire and ice

the opposite ends of seasons

we try to hold on

as it slowly burns

or melts away into nothingness

except memory

falling water from our hands

and slipped out thoughts

like ink on paper,

we learn to embrace it all

for it is one in the end

and from the depths we arise to find

a simple minute has passed as we dream

and wake from the eternity of time

to find broken clocks and damp spots on the ground,

stepping in the puddles

of our existence.


We stand in silence

unseen against the backdrops of our unfurling lives

a barest breath discerned as we ponder

the prey of our memories that haunt still.

With ability to look round and back again

we pick the morsels of yesterday searching

for the meager crumb to bite onto,

what once seemed so small now multiplied

in the bounty of our wisdom

we are satiated.

We seem on surfaces so smooth

below the ripples of water nudged we find

the current that tears apart the path

pulling us into the tragedy of pondering yet again

the ageless tales brought forth from dark closets,

as the fever breaks and awareness overcomes

we sit in our pose of calm and peace

thankful for the sense to walk away unscathed

we let the memories loose

turning away not caring to watch

the final goodbye of the shadow.

Between ripples

Unspoken words soothe like a balm

between ripples the waiting of understanding

leaving spellbound in color

we swim the depths of this universe

searching for the direction beneath guiding stars,

days of happy find us waiting

as another day passes and always more

until there isn’t

but we bask in the moments given,

grateful with an open heart

as we listen to the rhythm of the beating silence

whose chords we alone hear,

that which we share between souls who see

through closed eyes the light still shines

and as we dip our cups into the river of life

we drink of lessons learned,

dance with the music loved

and spread hope and peace far and wide

with a prayer for healing

to the ones captured in the waves

who searched for only starfish and beautiful things

before getting pulled from shore,

we send ripples out to gather them

floating on gentle waves of today

to the castles that wait on the shores of tomorrow.

Counting down to my special day of a half a century, good gosh, it’s been a great ride and looking forward to lots more. Tiara and wand, fairy wings and bottle of bubbles ready to go, perhaps I may even post a picture….come on Saturday….and I must not forget the champagne or Prosecco…..hmmmm…..so many choices, such a good thing. So excited for sure ❤

Beside the waters

She rises in the soft of a lighted morning

beside calm waters cracked open with the orb

rising into the waiting sky,

the birth of another beautiful day.

We linger watching

fingers reaching out to trace

the slow and steady movement

earths heartbeat moves in waves

feet cool on shells and sand

stretching into the air the inhalation

of beauty held quietly

exhaled in peace and being.

Images captured in the mind’s eye

taken back to sit and contemplate

over coffee and the scent of warm bread,

yellow yolk wiggles like a small round belly,

spices of life added

and the sounds of birds beyond the wall

sing to her of a new day that waits

for her steps to move forward

beyond the scope of her dreams.

Beautiful art by Vladimir Kush

Holding on…

Listening to
the stranglehold of history
the minutiae of years
can’t help wasting it…
the years to never be regained…
but ah the escapism of a circus performer
hanging on to the tight rope
’cause in the worth is the prize….
We sit and reminisce
watching history watch us back
as it laughs
for it hasn’t changed
just morphed into new dimensions
thinking ’bout what’s happening
and trying to place
the talons down….
seems like the time and place
re-arranging the semblance of order
as confusionism takes flight
coming or going….
not that it matters
except to the mistress of her craft,
wake to the new dawn,
fly to the sun for a chat
finding out what’s really going on….
in and out of the mind
nothing really going on
except the tragedy of awakening…
caught between chords of yesterday
we find no reason to connect
two ways to black and white
no color barrier
just the eclipse of moons and souls
standing on the shoulder of the road waiting
thumb out
waiting for a soul with understanding and heart
listening for the reiki beat
of healing…
“relax…Just the basic facts….there is no pain…your lips move but I can’t hear what you say….you would not understand, this is not how I am…”
lost in the cycle of
should we let the butterflies land?
or let spellcheck take control….
stolen thoughts and set aside…
” when I was a child, I caught a fleeting glimpse…I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown,……….
the dream is gone”
so many gone….why is it.that I dive deeper
feel the pain,
need to reconcile the future with the past….
so hard to do when pulled so far
and so many pieces can only reconnect
with their whole….
“remember when you were young? we shone like the sun”……oh…
the smell of weed on the air….
wanting to be a part
to belong,
damn how these lyrical trips take me
magic carpet ride to yesterday,
can’t complain
cause I could never explain
as long as you’re still here on the journey
and seeing this girl through….
all she needs you to do…..is…..
the endless question of reason…..

Thank you for letting me have a little soul dilemma tonight, listening to songs of my history, thinking of friends here in bloggerville ,you know who you are….life years moving onto the coming on 50 years…so many miles to go before I sleep….”remember when you were young? You shone like the sun….now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky…you reached for the secret too soon…you cried for the moon…shine on you crazy diamond”……”always searching, reaching…never ending…all apologies….it is what it is….we sat in a dorm room, drinking Lowenbrau….young college girls rich with the scent of Apple pectin shampoo, the lingering scent of my memories still on the air, men who wanted to be girls flitted in and out like gentle confused butterflies and I merely lingered in the outskirts trying to read the chapters…of who ultimately I would end up to be…..to be continued…darn YouTube……a time capsule for sure 🙂