A New Kind of Down: The Breath & Bones of a Writer (a book review)

I am not normally known for doing book reviews as you all know, but every now and then when I actually find the time to read one from cover to cover without wanting to set it down and walk away, then the time is prime for a review. I ordered Tremaine’s book on Amazon a few weeks ago and have now gone through it not once but twice. I was already familiar with Tre (as she’s known over at her blog which can be found at https://simplesoulsister.com) and her writing, and of course her tales of life with her cute little dog Jernee over at her other blog https://ajerneeofsurprises.wordpress.com and as a fellow dog lover I am often tickled by the antics of her “globe eyed little monster” and have become a dedicated follower of her blogs. This is the first book I’ve purchased by Tre and let me say, I have no regrets what-so-ever. Opening my mailbox to find the brown envelope from Amazon was only the first happy point of receiving it, and upon further inspection as I sat down with my coffee, gazing at the peaceful image on the cover and reading the bio on the back, I couldn’t wait to dive right in. I did not put it down once. This is her third book and not having read the other two (yet) I can’t do a comparason but I know for me, third time’s a charm and trust me, I was charmed.

I can tell that this book was a labor of love and it shows. While reading it, I felt as if I was peering into her heart with each word she wrote, and it often took me back in time to that of my own life, remembering my younger days and the emotion and passion that slipped into each relationship, failed or otherwise that was a lesson in and of itself. The pain spelled out like a story of love held me captivated from beginning to the end, always hoping in my way for the starry happy outcome, I was left cheering her on to bigger, better and amazing things for her future. The poem “Realizing Reality” was exceptional (page 7) and Get High (Get Gone) was a sultry little piece that made me smile. Without a Doubt (page 40) was another piece that flowed splendidly and spoke to my soul, reminding me of me when I was in my youth, the longing of love and the way she writes it out, is almost as if she’s speaking directly to you, reminding you of the feelings of life and love that we all at one time or another have felt. It’s not often that a writer can slip you into their world so effortlessly and taking you along on the journey with them. There were so many pieces here filled with such brutal truth and deep substance that I could go on and on but I leave you to grab your copy and judge for yourself. I wouldn’t want to give away all the goods but this, this is the essence to me. The one sentence from Fool for it all, Including You sums up my favorite phrase: “We are in Amazement. Standing among greats in a tiny space, Searching for gems. I rely on the Sanity of love’s Grasp in the middle of time and space….and here, I always seem to find it.”     In her writing, I found a place, a space where the heart lives and breathes.

Her writing in this book is a compilation of free verse, quatrains, haiku and flash fiction. with each piece so unique and beautifully written from the heart. I can tell time was taken with this book, the flow of it and the rise and fall like the tides of the heart, like a beat or pulse in each piece, bringing it to life with her touch. I honor this book and the soul that wrote it, knowing it will be kept on the special shelf in my blue room which houses the sacred books that touch me. This book was published and available through Lulu and is also available on Amazon (links below) and I believe at Barnes and Noble. I highly recommend Tremaines book and know that if you grab a copy, you too will feel the passion of love and loss stir in your soul…and perhaps like it was for me, a heavy sigh as the last page finished and a feeling of leaving me longing for more, even if just a page or two or ten.



Rating: Five out of five stars

Book review : “Stinky and the Night Mare”

As the year comes to a close I realize I am nearing my one year anniversary here at the lovely WordPress homestead. I am so very thankful for those wonderful writers I have met and the books and words of the many I have read. I have several reviews to tend to and time is always so hard to come by but today I am doing my first book review on this blog.
Not having any children, but having the mind of whimsy that thoroughly seeks words of magic and joy I was giddy with happiness when in my mailbox appeared a lovely shiny childs book gifted to me by the wonderful L. Stewart Marsden. The dark colors and large eyes of the girl on the cover led me to believe that there would be some spookiness within the pages and as I opened to the beginning was given the gift of a lovely poem that I reread three times before beginning the tale of Stinky.
“what would you do, if you would, if you could?” Well I stopped right there and asked myself that very question. The possibilities were endless. To read this to a child and to spark within their minds the possibilities, well I must say that is a wonderful thing.
As children we are taught to dream beautiful magical things, and as we grow older we tend to forget about the simple things like believing and dreaming and make-believe. This beginning poem re-opened the possibilities and I was so thankful for that reminder.
So next delving into the story itself, and going in blind I might add, I expected the story to be about nightmares. Well, having an adult mind for the most part that is what most would think, right? Well, not exactly. This is a wonderful story about a child, “stinky” who could be belligerent and want her own way when it was time to go to bed. In the most magical way, the master story creator weaves a tale of this girl and the magic that can happen with the help of a diamond-shaped nightlight with a star on it. If you read my blog you know that any mention of stars just leaves me tickled pink and to see this in the story made me love it even more.
I don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t tell you the whole story but let’s just say it involves a beautiful horse, a mare who comes at night. Hence the night mare.
My niece loved the book but would not let me take her picture reading it as she was having a bad hair moment as any proper seven-year old girl will tell you, no photos please….my hair just isn’t up to it. I guess she was being a little “stinky” over it but that’s ok.
The illustrations are vibrant and bring this story to life. Jessie Luo is the artist and does magnificent work.
If you have a child and are looking for a beautiful gift to give, I highly recommend this book, and even if you don’t have any kiddies, well I find it will be a great book for an adult who still believes in magic, stars and beautiful horses that visit at bedtime.
Thank you Skip for your beautiful book that I will cherish. Please visit his blog and read the tales of Stinky and hop on over and buy a copy for the holidays or a special occasion gift for a child…or magical adult.

http://skipmars.wordpress.com is where you will find more of his wonderful words for children and adults.