Long lost poet

Ah, the craziness that life brings,
playing in the stratosphere of imagination
I get lost amongst the tallest dreams
that rise like trees
in the forest.
Thick and rich with depth,
overflowing like the rain that falls,
filling a river in the wild,
I pluck the flowers of the minds garden
and build a bouquet of goodness,
and content with the creation,
rest easy at the end of the day
and rise to greet tomorrow
with a grateful heart.

Good morning friends,

As you can see here, I’ve been busy again in the publishing world. My newest creation, Diary of a Middle-Aged Mermaid, arrives via E-book on Saturday, August 3rd, and the paperbook should go live on Monday, August 5th.
The wheels have already been set in motion for the sequel to Tales From The Thrift and are chugging along nicely. I want to say thank you for any of you out there who have purchased the E-book or paperback version, or downloaded the Free Kindle Unlimited version of Tales From The Thrift. It is your support that keeps me motivated and uplifted in spirit, and for that, I most humbly thank each of you.

Beyond words

I live in a world
beyond words stacked high,
life spoken in lines
layed out and reaching far and wide
to reach the piece
of a yearning soul
that dives in to find
buried treasure.
Page by page
driven by the scene,
in between
the lines we find
the realm imagined
in anothers dream,
living through the moves,
the words strike chords
like the vibration of all,
song of the universe
heard by those who seek
the tune
aware of something more
unseen yet known
by the stars.
Lifted higher into the story
for a moment becoming
someone not ourselves,
emotion changes in seconds
with each new tale,
we reach the end feeling sad
as the cover closes
and we begin again.

Between lines

Do we fit in seamless
invisible spaces caught between lines,
tracing the letters with fingers
reading each one with careful focus
seeing memories left behind.
Timeless classic forgotten
till brought to light in a play list
sorted in order
and set aside
waiting for the hand to seek
and open to find
the magic again unleashed
retouch the heart with yellowed pages
drifting through time and space
a child once more.
We become that which we read
diving in deeper with each page turned
mirroring lives as we realize
someone knew the way we feel
and wrote it in a verse
as if just for us
to see ourselves within
the masterpiece created by one.