A dance of butterflies

I watched you from afar

Moving gracefully on a gulf breeze

Moving in and out of the pines

Almost shy in your beauty

Hiding from view.

I followed where you led

And suddenly found

You had gone from my sight

Only to be found sitting

High on my shoulder

Waving your gorgeous wings at me

Like the longest lashes on a beauties eye,

And you stepped about 

Perhaps thinking my orange shirt were a flower

And your wings fluttered and lifted

Sweeping past my cheek the lightest of kisses

As you once again danced upon invisible air

And I smiled at the sight

For it had been much too long

Since I’ve seen your kind

And paradise it is sure to be

With the light hearted whimsy

Of butterfly dances

In my blessed back yard.

Watching the lovely antics of a Monarch flitting about my yard and the most magical of all, landing upon me to rest for a spell before dancing once more before moving on her way.

Favorite things

Spend the dawn shopping
Cheap frames to buy
Second hand store
Pretties and stones
And crafty supplies.
Favorite colors
And tie dye.
How does one tie dye a frame?
A little bit here and a little bit here
Let it all dry
And draw with the pencils,
What to draw?
Why your favorite things of course.
Glue on some flowers,
Some butterflies
Some flip flops.
The stones didn’t work
As round just slid off.
Two from you and one for me
And now for the show
And the things you’ll see
One from me but the best
From Aubree.


Aroma therapy

Greet the day
Sun rises softly
Open the door
Scent fills the air
Korean lilac
Permeates the senses
Sweetest smell
I’ve longed for.
Quiet filters
The bee moves sideways,
Buzzing petals
Morning nectar
Breakfast of the hive.
Yellow butterfly will come
Later with higher sun’
To touch down lightly
Becoming the scene
We relive each time
This year.
Aroma therapy
Natural contentment
Not bottled
But free
In dawns dewy air.

My morning scent and Korean lilac tree/bush that brings so much joy each spring.