In the middle

Dreams play child-like games,
running in circles chasing clover bees
in the waning light between the tower of pines,
laughter is found like a sweet prize.
I see you,
tag you’re it in tiny voices
ripple through the dust of years,
reminding the soul in the deepest places
of things that have become
part of the whole,
creation complete.
A new dawning in sleepwalking minds,
creeping across cool grounds
beneath the electric breeze,
sliding back in effortless moves
to nestle amongst the color
of a glittering life remembered,
I have come to this place
eyes wide open
and arms spread waiting
to embrace the change,
in the middle to touch easily,

Storm chasing

In the thickest forests,
dreams fill the downy mind
as music plays a symphony-
the windchime concerto.
Staccato drops beat intermittently
on a concrete ocean blue
ripples undulate the depths
as I sit pondering a new and fresher day.
I am but a voyeur
to the coming burst of pleasure,
storm chasing from the rocker
keeping time to the bustle of clouds
caged and secure from the beast
as my fingers find their mark.
Early morning rise to darkness
as distant traffic breaks the silence
cat tiptoes lightly into a sudden streak past-
as heaven overflows its bounds
and jasmine scented air fills me with a sudden need,
to bloom in the gift given
quenched and shaking in joy,
as the lovely day melody
plays through the recorder of my mind.

Early morning rise as the storm settles in to play,
a beautiful good morning to us lifers
who choose to embrace it all,
coffee and raindrops, ah….bliss.

Being in states

Coming home to the soul
to feel the peace in dreams,
wonder found in images
being in states of now.
Long gone emptiness filters
through the tiny holes of endless space,
slipping down to glean each word
piece by piece finally found
and puzzles built slowly,
edges fitting and some expelled
to the pile of useless things
we gaze at the depth of movement
as pages stacked one by one rise,
we find the sense of being
a part of the promise fullfilled
and stand strong to take new steps
towards a limitless path