Finding light

Angel numbers come to seek
good news finds as we wait with open minds,
dreams find themselves on the cusp
fruition of life unfolding
as we sit still in eagerness
anticipation a word spilling through.
Distances to travel
as our eyes close on quiet nights
weaving our way through foreign lands
spellbound by what we find before us,
to leap from heights knowing
the net awaits just in case,
silently we thrust our joys outward
caught in the feeling of happy moments,
we live through each other in dreams
that we too may take the steps
on the path of the miracle
that is our lives.

Roads of the mind

Dust covered roads wait
Patience the virtue for natures soul
steps blown clean after storms
cleaned slate watching the horizon
on these roads of the mind.
Peace calls on restless winds
carrying me back to school days
dreamless times spent knowing
there was always something more,
voices keep company in the midnight hour
as pens scratch across blank slates
spiral books filled and forgotten
as the words fell unheard, unseen.
Grasses grow beside lonely paths
and I never could make up my mind
to Frosts nature and pondering poems,
for my head resided amongst the stars above,
where no path stood
just wide open spaces of galaxies
and planets unknown to all
but the soul that remembers
below the conscious surface,
energy flows
always following
the road home to the heart.

Like dust of dreams

I awoke in the home of a new world

bodies of fractured dust blown on endless winds,

storm clouds gather to wash me away

cleansing the soul of eternity.

Built on memories through time

yesterday speaks with a thousand tongues,

who we are

what we’ve become

just another piece in the spectrum of it all.

We climb to skies that seek us out

higher in thoughts we float on calm,

dappled skies in black and white

photographs and still life trapped on film,

turn page after page as day is through.

Where we’ve been we sometimes see

in the mind of dreams we chance to know

the truth of lives through a million years

caught in a raindrop falling down

reflecting our here and now

we know

it’s just a small piece

of the whole.

breaking dawn

We stand in quietest thought

watercolor skies fill the soul with a peace,

tranquility knows what the heart feels

as the water lays smooth at my reach.

Boats bob gently in the harbor

old worn lines tether her to the dock

as birds walk without a sound

long slender necks dip below the ripples

gathering their morning food

and I watch the hues wishing

for paper and paint to capture the sight

greeting me with a proper good morning shine

reflected off the fin

as dolphins swim towards the places

where the sun will rise

and I too will be there to greet the light

rocking on the green blue water

anticipation for the day to come,

we move into the waiting sea

balancing our bodies

and quenching our souls

with visions of this breaking morning paradise.

Went fifteen plus miles out fishing yesterday on a boat on the Gulf of Mexico, caught a few, tossed back a few, and managed to keep my stomach in check so as to not embarrass myself as a sea-tosser of yesterdays supper. A good day, caught some color too and after six hours, decided I must be getting old as I needed a proper nap to catch my energy back up. The boat and some ocean pics. All photos by me 🙂




Where the path ends

We move through the splendor

aromas fill the noon-day air under the sun

warmth on the shoulders I walk quietly

as thoughts drift to the softness

the colors

the beauty found here.

Unexpected the garden fills me

with a tranquil peace as my mind seeks quiet,

unwinding the spring that has become

the muscles tight and weary

longing for a place to just be

and then she finds me,

this solitary bloom tinged with pastel

and the pink like a sigh

so soft and subtle

peace lives here on the corner

where the path ends

and begins,

the only image captured in this place,

the sight my feet kept moving me towards

under the noon-day sun

I breathe.

Walking through Mabel Ringlings rose garden I stopped to smell many yet only took a picture of one that drew me in. Sending peace to you all my friends, and also to myself in these days when it is so needed. Peace and blessings, always, K

Soft shift

With the coming of light

the subtle shift was felt

as moisture hung like heavy blankets

and tiny drops slid down into the ground,

somewhere in the mind a settling was felt

and the calm of day

swept the darkness away.

Invisible lines across the universe

like wires unseen but felt

as the current moves through

the lioness awakes to hunt

leaving just the smudged prints

in her path behind her

as the drops move down in to the puddle

and earth is quietly quenched

if only for a moment

with her passing.

When the rain fell

the life could be felt,

the scent rich and deep in pine and decay

of brown withered leaves

becoming one once more

with the soil from which gave birth,

and the silver river runs silently down

on tired glass which we linger behind

watching with satisfaction

of the coming of this life

and a prayer for the gift

across oceans to find

hands open ready to receive

and to sip with thanks

the soft shift of wetness

that came and left

as gently as it arrived.

A scents of peace

Lavender soothes the mind in night

candles flicker their beauteous light,

oil to calm the troubled skin

another day to move through again.

Where peace comes calling, the stars collide

and bringing dust in dreamtime I fly

through midnight grace and images deep

restless and warm I search for sleep.

I hear a song from a passing car

and the lyric soothes as it drifts so far,

I saw the faces from yesterday

in nights sleeping memories they stay.

Like chapters from a story of fear

I feel the menace of the ones I held dear

and running I stop and choose to fight

perhaps I’ll win tonight.

He looks in my eyes with the barrel raised

and winks just once then walks away

the moment passes and I finally breathe

the story of mind does often weave,

the scents of life bring me back to now

and eyes wide open I’m alive somehow

for he knew that I had been within the peace

and with his exit, I’ve been released.

Every night this week I’ve been having some very strange dreams. Last night was like a massacre at the place I formerly worked at, and as I knew something was going to happen somehow, I remembered the only place to hide, yet he watched as I entered and as I rushed to lock the other door, through the window he smiled at me as he raised the gun, I stood my ground and he winked and turned and walked the other way. I was also barefoot and trying to tiptoe carefully through the glass with a young woman I didn’t know who followed me. Strange scary stuff and not sure what it was all about, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had such vivid dreams. Time to release more essential oils into the air for calm before sleep I think. Enjoying them none the less and trying to garner sense from it at the same time 🙂 peace and sweet dreams tonight I pray. K


We slide along gently,
playfully dancing on the lightness of life
while bouyed by bubbles of thought,
slipping and sliding off of one and each other,
merrily we move
water and oil mixing
together yet always drifting
lifting off the bottom of consciousness
we rise.
Colors weaving in and out of ether
happy gasses glistening in our perfectness of self
and propelling us through the infinite
we emerge,
effervescent and humbled at our gravity.
Lightly descending once more
we fall back into the pot of universal brew,
untapped –
we wait patiently for the moment
when freed from our confines
by the rub to shine
and fervent wishes,
we explode across this life
happy in each moment,
blessed indeed
by the beauty of all we cover
with laughter and light
we drift on like magnificent blue balloons
from cloud to cloud
on the air of humanity.

Perhaps I may

I did not write the other day

perhaps there was not much to say

then yesterday just left me mute

my mind had nothing left to loot,

but come today

perhaps I may

find something worthy here to say

but perhaps not

maybe a little or not a lot.

Why is it then I think of tea

brown tepid water with not much to see

with fragrant scent aroma fills

to take away the winter chills

but don’t you see the sun shining on me

there is no snow so I’m filled with glee

but a cake with nuts I’d give my lot

this diet sucks so it matters not

for there will be no cake for me

just tepid water disguised as tea

no sugar, milk or cookie to grace

I know you can picture my saddest face

but a few pounds down and moving to do

so this poem here I give to you

when nothings stirring in the pot

the stomach growls, I kid you not

I think I’m dead,

when the mood gets bleak

and geez, it’s only been a week.

Just a little fun humor to jump-start your weekend. Sorry for my absence the last two days, been being killed slowly and readily by my fitbit Beulah….but in her defense, I’m down 4 pounds since the first of the year, to celebrate, perhaps a beer….but no I won’t just red wine please, with ice and water and a splash of burgundy so I can pretend if nothing else….oh God, stop me now with this incessant rhyming…I’m not much for timing but gotta run, out in the sun, perhaps after a nap yet another lap. Ha, happy Friday folks. I will resume my regularly scheduled lunacy tomorrow perhaps. Steak for dinner tonight, with salad and baked plain old ugly potato, perhaps I can dress it up a bit, have fun, a top hat perhaps?

In between spaces

My mind resides in drops of moisture

translucent thoughts wispy like the wind

breezes through windows yet no relief

from the mood that surrenders my soul

to seek the peace of somewhere.

Eyes fight to open

as I move like a phantom place to place

never really here or there,

just somewhere I cannot name

a place I’ve often been.

I see the light yet fight to reach

pulling myself up from this fading moment

perhaps to lay a spell and ponder

in a dream world I shall catch

the essence of self once more.

In between spaces of light and dark

no particular reason, perhaps just a lark

of nature and energy not in sync

I ask for the intervention of fluid water

soothing as it releases drop by drop

from clouds that move sideways

unlike my inner thoughts that slide in circles

coming round to find

I stand here wondering which words to choose

to suit the mood

of a melancholy day.