Bubbled up

Wishes and dreams rise,
packed in an atmosphere of joy
bubbled up and flying high
seeking the new today.
Standing out in the wilderness
as feet move on solid ground,
we carry the goodness of life
in satchels of dreams remembered,
overflowing in the light that streams
we smile at the release
letting go the past
and gathering the strength of perseverence,
we run to the promise
found in the simplicity
of believing.

Happiest New Year to all and I truly believe that change is coming, that strength will carry us higher and that we will gather our tribe and celebrate the truth of love and life. Peace and blessings, K

Pages filled

In realms where quiet magic grows,
faces and places rise from the throes
as stories are told through aged minds
we slip inside and at once become
creatures of future trailing lines.
A yarn unfolds of drama and light
flip-flopping back and forth
by the mind inspired to create a scene
that lives for all in wake and dreams.
Dark cold nights and sunny days
and words like rhymes come out to play,
we poets strive to stay above
the clouds where our souls know a source of love
and crashing down becomes the norm
and words flow like the rain above
to wash away the sooty mess
as once more we slip in pages blank
to spin the web of another piece
for which we find at last release.
Measure pause we sit and stare
at sentences and words thrown without care,
yet we know not where these things are born
but in the magic of a setting sun
we hear the whisper of another call
to drift into slumber
and once more to dream in words unknown,
that sit and wait so patiently
to be planted by a pen
on reams of parchment over again.

Rambling words as I wait to go see my beautiful blue sea shortly, letting words fall and letting them be, unchanged…..its where the mind plays…..have a blessed and beautiful day my friends.

Beauty of awakening

Bucket list of wishes
through dreams I see the sights
from captured images of nameless souls,
I close my eyes and step in
wandering with wonder
into the midst of a universe unknown.
Silver stars fall to earth
like precious stones at my toes,
watercolor thoughts blend seamlessly
falling gently off the cotton surface
drops of beauty awakened.
Have I been placed in a sequence
where turning pages fly like paper birds
shards of white in feather form
caught in blades of green grass waiting
for the unsuspecting soul
who looks for such magic,
gifts of the Gods
and symbols of love seen
to one who seeks to find
the amazement of another day blessed
with an open heart.

Beautiful image found on internet. Happiest Saturday my friends, use the moments given in good ways. Peace and blessings, K