Building blocks

We exist in this space,

a vast expanse of that which is seen

yet strangely what most matters is that

which is never seen,

only imagined.

We come together through words,

song and music and the beauty of arts

bringing change through an idea,

another of the unseen yet still lingering there

somewhere on the space of the edge of reason,

we move forward driven

and not knowing why

we jump into the abyss of the unknown to find

that which we know we cannot touch

until we come before

like bubbling skies of clouds

somewhere within there may be

flashes of light and water waiting

for the right moment

as the winds come together in unison

a perfect moment is reached

and a storm is born to quench

parched souls and soil,

we dance below the indigo sight

becoming one with that which we are

nature and the undeniable self-created

a moment which is here then gone,

unlike any other that has been nor will be,

building blocks of the universe and dreams

collide with abandon

with spirit and everything that is.

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.”  Debby Boone

Take two

Words swirl bitter

with hints of underlying unforgiveness

for what is will be

as you say there was never another way,

I caution you of the change stirring

like a hurricane brewing on the coast

it will arrive before you expect

for wearing excuses and blinders

you will drown in your own belief

that you cling to like a raft

as it sinks and drags you under.

I see in your eyes you know this truth,

and I am not the one to save you

for I can only ask with no judgement

take heed with these things which you say,

for you will be on that island alone

stranded by your own will

as you ask for favor

yet turn blindly away when offered,

change is coming and it may be slow

but it will arrive

and I will feel sorry for the child within you

that says over again that it’s always been this way,

and I will say one last time


and only you

can change your way.

Thoughts that have been on my mind since last night, a conversation with a gentleman at work, who had words with one of my co-workers. She was gone when I was shutting down ten minutes before the shift end, and she is always there and often stays after the shift to “chat.I do not know why she left so early, I could not ask her. But he made sure as he tried to cover his own behind by letting me know his words he had used and his thoughts on things that had transpired, of which I was not around nor aware of.  I calmly and as nicely as I could, gave him my view on only what he had said to me, not what was said between them (as I still do not know the whole story). I stood up for what I believed in, said the words carefully and with no malice-watched while he back pedaled and explained weakly that when he grew up, that wasn’t such a big deal, it was how he was raised. I only said, “the word you used is Unacceptable and I take offense at it too, only you can change you.” I don’t do well with politics, and I am also professional enough to know that some things should not be spoken about at work or ever about others. I will always defend when the “race” card is brought forth in a “not nice” way, and it may not be much, but for me, it’s a start of a long road that lately seems to be getting longer by the day. I apologize for this rant but it was something I needed to get off of my chest. I will not stand by and hear that word without saying something. It’s a tough haul, being at work and being civil when you just want to shake some sense into someone.

Changes (thoughts on a dream)

In sleep and dreams we move through acts

Like changing seasons

One to another

Fire and ice we become the part

As we watch the play of life.

Mysterious worlds we wander

Words and conversations

Digging deeper as we let go of what holds

Moving the curtains back and forth

Between measures.

I spoke to you as you walked in the sand

Going nowhere but everywhere

We laughed at the antics of dogs and birds

As we stood below a cooling sun

And it was a beautiful day

And returning we stood in ice

Slipping and sliding and wondering why

We could so easily be here then there

Or really anywhere we chose,

We watched the water pool as the melting began,

Standing in puddles in a pouring rain

Moving forward once more to find a cottage

A simple small store but magic lay inside,

Every flavor of anything we could want

and I sampled this and that

But once more settled on my favorite

So you laughed, for I never change really,

Always dependably the same

And I woke to eyes watching me

With a tail thumping in joy

And I swore I could still taste

The peanut butter and sweet chocolate on my lips

Leaving me to wonder

Was it all just a simple afternoon dream.

I love the deep fun dreams I have when I occasionally lay down for an afternoon siesta. Never any rhyme or reason to them, I guess I just longed for a Reeses…..darn….all out.


I am the texture worn

Through trials and dreams

Thoughts and schemes

Just adding water

To blend myself into something

Whatever strikes the mood

I become curved and rounded

By the words I create and live

Adding and spackling the spaces

Where I feel the need to cover

The shadows in light.
We are a piece of a star that fell in the future 

or a speck of bone

From yesterday’s rib,

Fluid and not always observed

In the entirety of what we have yet to become,

Spinning round on this world

Where we are created from the same pieces

Of earth and stone ground down

Then adding more water

In the loving hands of the master

Become more and more of ourselves

Made beautiful and grand

Elegant pieces carved,

Yet always worth more when left

Unfired to be something new tomorrow,

A never ending stream of everything,

A piece of clay molded into our souls desire,

A piece of art worthy of museums,

Yet happier below blue skies

And rain that falls

Puddling us into

Yet a new self.


Choosing stones

Moving fingers gently touching

Smooth stones of ceramic

The thought in the quiet of silence rises



Sensing the warmth given

Laying below on colored cloth

Waiting to be read

To be heard.

Energy passes through

As words of translation read

Find me knowing it is what I expected to find

And the realization of a moment

One by one turned

Ancient oracle of yesteryear

Still manifesting in today

Still teaching the scholar

The path to walk

The spirit alive captured

In a sentence.

A new day

This strange and magic world

Song and words fill voids where silence lives

Watching through invisible eyes

At what becomes of a thought denied.

Sitting with purpose

Mind turns endlessly round on this and that

And nothing in particular

Except the moments that remain in the day


The echo of despair could live there

If allowed a soft spot to sit awhile

To wrap itself into the endless horizon

But no welcome mat waits behind

Shuttered doors.

Helpless if no action moves

The mind to fly on broken wings

That somehow still can work

When falling in a spin down

To solid ground that waits.

In the ease of new days

The second hand ticks off the moment

When light will come in the morning to a soul

Waiting to begin again

A tale of dreams.

There is no mystery

To complacent simplicity

As words and a gentle rhythm fill the heart

With a promise of hope

That somehow, somewhere

Today will be different, 

better still

Than those that passed before.

Wishes found

Finding pennies
Collecting change in places
Turning on a dime
To reach down and gather
Wishes found.
Hole in pocket releases
Copper passed from hand to hand
To drawers of black
And back again
Slipping out
Along the way
Saved in jars for raining days
Scattered on the ground
Like a lowly piece
Not worthy to hold.
Wished upon
In fountains blue
Penny thoughts
From me to you.

Tides of storm

Like waves moving in
The Lightning fills the night
Sleep by movie played
No fear of bumps in the dark
She shivers
I hold her to calm the fears
And close my eyes
To the tides of storms.
Colors move in and out
It comes with winds blowing
And I stand below the swirling skies
So very alive
Waiting for the rain.
Moments of a wild day
This too shall pass
And I will still wonder
The changes the sweep through
Cleansing times
Washed away to earth moving
In rivers down hills
The dirt and stone
Never still.

Photo of beautiful stormy skies painting found at :

Sidewalks end

Down concrete slabs
Road from my childhood
Broken now and crumbling,
Store fronts tattered
Covered for sale,
Empty business
Scenes so unlike
What I recall.
Roots burst forth
Even through the strength
What seemed to last forever
A shell of its former self.
Faces unknown move by
And the tired eyes show no hope
In this tired town
I do not know this place
Unfamiliar sights greet my mind
What I remember as a child
Bright days and fresh paint
Only a distant memory.
Where the sidewalk ends
And the circles begin
And peeling houses
Sagging with the weight
Of another day going by
Sadness left behind
Deep within my heart
For what had been
And what is left

I drove through my hometown the other day and was shocked and saddened by all the changes I saw. Time waits for no one and houses seem small and tired. A grey bleak day.

Water falls gently

Crisp wetness falls
Like dreams spilling over
In the absolute moment
Of a joy found.
Water flows clear
Smooth river running
Round the bend of a check
Eyes shine with happiness.
What dreams bring to life
The soul of the weak
To stand and embrace humbly
To accept the gift with wisdom
That it was always meant to be.
They move forward
Never retreating
Till the well runs dry
And the parched self lays quenched
In idle bliss of today.
Hold tight that simple joy,
Dance in happiness to the beat of a heart
Laugh loudly to share the sounds
The heart flowing with the blood of life,
The eyes too shall flow
In goodness and light
With tears of splendid joy.

Thoughts on life that moves and flows and to just feel that sense of happiness,
That every little thing is going to the universal plan.