And what becomes of the child
who ran across meadows in delight,
chasing beams of a falling sun
in afternoon games
as clouds played hide and seek
with the light that rationed herself
on cold Northern days?
Where is the child
who found rainbows at the tail of
poppies who stood tall in small gardens,
tilled by weary hands
who only longed to find the yellow brick road
and fall into the depths
of a place remembered from a dream?
Where is the child who dreamt deeply
of wild horses and days of freedom,
where words did not sting
and hands could not harm,
and the coming of a tomorrow
was just another day,
not a day to live for.
Where is the soul
of the silent one who watches,
as it all crashed down
like falling stars,
the loss of what it was that seemed
the most important of it all,
but in the end was nothing more
than useless ideals,
when hands were held open
and abundance seemed to be so hard to grasp,
the arms that held tight
through the simplicity of love
given so freely
and for no other reason
than that was all to give,
he found he had all that was ever needed,
and belief filled the hole
where hollow echoes had aimlessly reverberated
and the beating of the heart
crashed across the universe,
the beams fell in glory,
coming across in a beauty unseen before~
for it was all they knew
and the dreams that were perched
on the rough edges of stone walls
sat silently waiting
for the touch of a child
to release them to all.

A stream of conscious post, took the image and just rambled from there. Not sure what it all means, perhaps you’ll find something of use in a poets febrile writing.

Tranquility unbound

We float about unbound,
our inner glow illuminated
by memories seen through old eyes,
never losing sight
of that which we know and recall
in our world we drift on,
spaces between yet so close.
We fill in the moments
word by word
from memory of days now passed,
we find a new tranquility
in just being enough.
Maps lead us through darkness
into the mirror lands,
face to face with our inadequacy
of touching and breathing
the same fire we had back when,
we were children racing
against the wind never tiring
for there was always enough
of that particular drug,
the etched creases lay mark
to who we see now
when we cease to bother with the unimportant
and save space in our blue world
to come together breaking bread
and remembering
the important things that matter,
the here and now
and the smile in your eyes
as the heart opens
and simply says
welcome home.
We stood together
watching as the movement became fluid
and beautiful and no words needed to be spoken
for we knew
to be tranquil
is to be unbound and free
and we walked away
as a warm breeze blew
and I knew in that moment
the acceptance of never turning back,
to bounce about somewhere within
where that small child still waits
for you to come and play,
for the lights to grow dim
and the game to begin,
in a house built and lived in
by two small souls
still connected and not so far
from where those years intervened,
standing at the crossroads once more
to someday reach,
where the journey ends we will find
a place like this,
of peace and beauty,
of love and kinship,
of all we had dreamed
come true.

I had the honor of being able to spend my birthday with my wonderful husband and my little sister by my side. A day spent at Mote Aquarium, my sister and I found this tank and just stood for minutes watching the beautiful sight that lay within. Peace in a tank, a gift of beauty and the lovely day spent in the way that I often embrace. Within a world of nature, so many words, so little time.

What Jane knew

They buried Johnny in the cemetery at the edge of town. Jane watched as her mother sat a bouquet of roses on the small casket and felt herself flinch as mama reached for her trembling hand.
“Come here now Jane” mama said with a small sigh. “Say goodbye to your brother and then we can go home.”
Jane walked up to the casket and reached out to touch the deep brown wood, sliding her hand along the brass handle, she felt the coldness of the metal course through her body.
“I wanna go now mama, please, let’s just go, okay?”
Mama wiped the falling tears from her eyes and smiled at her now only child.
“I still don’t know why he would have gone down there by the creek, I warned him too many times about the bees that nest in those trees. I know you were watching him and I want you to know I’m not angry at you, accidents happen and now you’re all I have left, I will just never understand why. He knew he was allergic to bee stings and that he’s gone now just hurts me so bad.”
Jane looked away from her mothers eyes and rubbed at her own face as if wiping away the tears that still hadn’t fallen.
“I know mama, I know. I’ll take care of you now, it’s just you and me, we gotta stick together, through thick and thin, just like you always told me” She sniffled a bit and they headed home in their old car.

Jane left Mama in the kitchen and climbed the stairs up to her and Johnny’s room. Grabbing a box from beneath the bed, she sat down on the floor and pulled the cover off. Jane unwrapped Johnny’s blue shirt and pulled out the nest and doll. She cradled it in her hands and gazed around the closet-like room.
“It’s all mine now Johnny, sorry it had to be this way but you weren’t supposed to be born, it was always gonna be me and Mama, there was no room for you to be here, Mama’s mine and always was.”
Her body began rocking back and forth as she spoke to the voice that always calmed her, she gazed out the window to the creek in the distance her eyes bottomless and empty.
“Sorry I took you to the creek Johnny, but it was the only way. Now it’s mine, all mine.”