Barely there

Head in the clouds
Whimsical thoughts play hopscotch
One to another
Climbing yet higher
Barely there.
Alone with these images
Summer clouds
Here then gone
Dissipated into the blue.
Wall of sky a blackboard
For creating and erasing
With the blink of an eye
Searching the shapes
Images move past lazily,
I see the form
A childish toy giving smiles
Just because
I too am bearly there
Sitting and watching
The world
Bright and lively
Like a child’s laugh
And the joy of an adult
At the nature of it all.

I found this image and for some reason found it just a fun pic for a Wednesday. Hot summer days and the color blue so cooling in its way…and fuzzy bear sitting and just watching the clouds. Have an amazing day my friends. Stay cool. K

Like a child

A day of bliss
A gift of laughter
Opened slowly
Unwrapping each corner
Waiting like yesterday
Springing snake in a can
You know it is coming
As the lid comes sliding off
The joyous sound
Of laughter from within
Releasing the happy.
Childish antics
Step outside of the self
Turn back the hands of time
To innocence
To simple things
Like gifts held and released
And the sounds that fill the air
Like the birds of spring
Giving birth to the hope
Of sunny days spent
Just being
So happy.