Shop till you drop

Wilma and Betty went to the mall,
presents and gifts for them all
as credit cards filled
dear Wilma was thrilled
to shop till she dropped
but alas and instead,
off went her head.

Betty was laughing
with the gifts she went on
leaving the headless lady
left grasping the cart
losing a piece of herself
with no head in sight.

Her lips pursed in displeasure
and round past the cat
that licked its paws in pleasure
for the damage she’d caused
sitting cat like, non-plussed,
poor Wilma would need
just a wee spot of glue….
’cause besides a chuckle,
what else could I do?

Alas, poor Wilma will never be the same again…stupid cat!
Just a bit of humor of the stupidity of putting any Christmas ornaments within the range of the cat who decides they are there to bat about at her mercy. Sigh.

In each moment

Cradled in my hand
box by tiny box opened gingerly,
reaching in to seek the gift
or memories rekindled.

I remember this one and that,
can close my eyes and see a younger me
standing in a row gazing,
choosing just the right one
and so very many years now gone
it always feels like yesterday
once each year.

Heart stirred thoughts on who I honored,
as I bought each one
and filled it with my special love
so that each one I saw
hanging on nimble green branches,
would return the feelings
of those who are no longer
except in thoughts and dreams,
and days that now grow shorter
leave me filled with a quiet peace
and gratitude for having had
so many gifts
in my life.

Magical seasons
and love is the reason
for joy and blessings
to shine through once more,
never forgotten
and always cherished
yet more this time of year
with each ornament that hangs
and says hello again old friend,
good to see you
if only for a while
then away I shall slip
into tiny boxes packed gently,
graced with hope
for goodness and greetings
next year.

Finally a day off to decorate the tree. Hallmark collectable ornaments from years and years ago, gifts from others and family heirlooms hung with care. A beautiful tree and all the lights worked (knock on wood) Peace and love and happy Hump day peeps ❤

Magical times

We listen on the air

as silence fills the night

the clouds part to reveal

the beautiful sight

a show of a thousand stars

glistening like diamonds on velvet

sharp and bright

the universal night light.

I sit below as you sit somewhere so far,

perhaps the snow is falling

and I know the morning will bring me the warmth

as the sun rises to greet me,

you see it too from your window

and with a smile give thanks

for this bright orb gift I said I’d send,

together we have the bond

knowing time and distance is just that,

where the heart calls on whispering winds

flowing through to find you

and lightly touching down upon your mind,

your heart and soul embraces

the love sent across miles

with all from within me

to all within you,

holiday blessings sent

with love.