Circular persuasion

In faded water colored thoughts

Circular influences bouncing around and about

This restless mind bent on creation

Yet weary and ready for rest.

Shell patterned symbols

A Nautilus from somewhere deep down below

Where currents move gently

Like familiar images of dreams.

I gaze into their recesses

Following in deeper and reaching the end

Turning a thought over and moving back out again,

Like silent tides unwitnessed,

Still do their thing regardless,

moving back and forth, rocking like a lullaby

And though the moon is a distant friend

It still waits for our busy lives

To slow down

And gaze upwards into round orbs that create destiny

Just in their being.

I sit in the peace of a moment stolen

Content for the souls that move round,

In and out like an ocean treasure

Leaving a smile

Or a quiet gentle reminder

That I hold in my heart

Forever after

Till they come round

Once more.

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Inspiration from too many to name….you all know who you are…peace, love and bedtime, K

Unbroken movement

Thoughts winding round
Smooth like circles
End into end
Never stopping.
The rhythm of words
Moving higher
Into the stratosphere
Ceiling of clouds
Interrupted by the haze of a sun
The circle of warmth
To dream of winding spaces
Created by places
Deep within
The staircase
Of a memory
Circling round
And back down,
Leading me on.

Bring me an oompa loompah now!!!

In this day
In this age
Everything at the touch
A photo
A song
A friend.
I want it now
Like the spoiled child cried,
Bring it to me
I want it now.
Daddy, where’s my oompah loompah.
Some days feel like
I’m chasing my tail
This quest for now,
This song,
That song,
Memories set
To that special tune.
But some things are precious
And after a short burst of grrrrrr,
All is good,
A simple song I needed
Drifting through my mind,
Already owned
Just easier to get
With a touch
A whim,
Shine on you crazy diamond,
Album only
Request denied…
I already own two versions
So settle for listening to
What I have
At my touch,
Some zucchero
Perhaps some Gibbs,
A little Arlo singing of the city,
Yes, soothing balm
And tomorrow is another day
When she sings to me of how
Life’s like an hourglass glued to the table,
Be content girl,
Wake refreshed and be content
Mr Floyd will be waiting
Commute music to soothe
The corporate beast,
The machine that through denial
Will realize
That every little thing’s
Gonna be alright.
So stop chasing that tail
Leading you round in a circle,
It will all come
When the time is right.
Keep the oompah….
Tomorrow I may need to lick the fruit
Off the wall.
And off to bed with Billy Joel’s voice
Crooning that it’s all about soul,
And I know that tomorrow is a new day
After all.