Not yet…

The sleeves had grown longer as the sun settled down

air windy and brisk

after a balmy Fall sun,

feeling the changes

as life rearranges

my thinning blood into water so cool.

Freezing in slumber no heat in the keep

for tomorrow the sun rises

to warm us poor sheep

and snow in the North is a long thought away

just keep it up there forever I say.

No ice on the oranges

no frost on the limes

I can’t eat the grapefruit so I think those are fine,

I bundle my bod in my clothes from the chest-

never thinking I’d need them till February at best.

Off with the hounds at a mushers fast pace

they love this cold weather and to the squirrel tree they race

as I muddle along with a curse on my tongue

“not yet” screams my thoughts

as they try to keep warm, no sound is heard yet

from my cold frozen tongue.

On Apple, on Chi bag there’s vermin to chase

and off to the black top

eight paws running wild

as I sing the poor song from Rocky to lighten my mood

and hubby with camera now captures me and the brood

as the sun rises up

she takes off the warm cap

and smiling at last does one final lap,

then into the house for the breakfast that waits

on a cold November day she will trot off to work

and sell the new favorite on a day like today

Peanut butter chocolate decadent gelato

not sure how many takers they’ll be

as I’m sure as I stand in the frozen food aisle

I’ll look perky like oranges

with a frozen happy smile 🙂

Having a bit of fun today, woke to the bedroom at 67 degrees and a brisk 46 degrees outside. Expected to see frost on the pool at least, thank heavens it wasn’t to be, but out comes the Buffalo hat to keep the lid warm….I almost kept it on for the whole walk….almost….Got a lot of interesting expressions from the drivers heading to work, but the girls are Loving the cold… off to sell Gelato. Brrrrr…..stay warm folks and keep that nasty snow to yourselves please, and thank you.




On the gentle wind you came

finding me gazing the skies

searching for your presence,

for your sweet return.

I felt the chill of change

carrying me through years of memories,

the days growing shorter

air feeling painful to hands that write

and I knew I needed you,

needed to hear your sweet song once more,

to see the eyes that go on forever

smiling  in joy.

The feeder sits empty,

trees no longer give shade as they stand

naked sentries to the corners,

they too wait for your landing,

for your soft weightless form

to give the meaning to a view

desolate and sad.

The weather here changes it seems daily, and I have a fondness for the chickadees. I love their little faces and their merry chirps….perhaps time soon for seed. Holding off to make sure the racoons are tucked away for the winter nap and as the ice and snow begins, it will be time to hear the song in this place we call home.

Spaces between clouds

Morning finds the skies darkening
A moth-eaten blanket of clouds
Allowing bits of light through spaces
And I move restlessly through
The routine to mark each moment
This then that
In order marching like soldiers
Left right left
Keeping beat to the pace
Out of sync.
Eating star-dust for breakfast
With a taste of coffee to fuel the engine
As the ants move slowly
As if tired from the party the night before.
I hear the planes above me
Casting their streamers on high
Out of sight of waking eyes
As they go higher into the light
Of a rising sun only they see.
I wish I were there
Beside the blue of the water,
My love and me
Building castles of sand
And whiling away the days
Like a gentle breeze,
Yet here a north wind blows cold
Bringing threats of icy snow
And I long to sit
Grabbing a blanket by fireside
Basking in the warmth
Of July nights
In a paradise that calls
Take me away from it all.
So I will wish on falling stars
The how I wonder where you are
At this minute
At this second
You light my mind
With thoughts of missing you.