Silver spun goddess

She glistens like crystal
Child of stars she descends
Darkness illuminated by silver spun
Icy remains of passing water
Drifting through
She becomes.
Maiden of glitter
She shines in light
Eyes that see so much more
Than yesterday rumors
She scatters herself
Like rains on deserted plains
Life of the skies
She has been.
Eyes closed to the sun
Warmth melts even the frostiest cold
Drop by drop she slides down
A piece here and there left behind
Glass smooth reflection
Mirror of a sparkle
Like dew on the web
Caught between the cosmic expanse
Earthly woman she rises
Shining like the universe
Of all she is.


Hanging art
Dripping as the sun falls
Spreading warmth to pool
In time.
Life in balance
Tips neither
Back nor forth
It just is there
Suspended in itself
Scales together
Side by side.
Thoughts run down
Mimicking nature
Ice dripping upon its shell
Hard and shining
Diamond pools below
Waiting for a season
To free it
To allow it to move
Like rivers running
Into the distance
Out of view.

The whipping of wind

She calls upon me
her spring merriment enchanting
days of sun above
she beams down her warmth
and teases me with a taste
of days soon to come.
I wake to her clear skies
stars hang like a mobile
slowly moving overhead
a song in my mind
a crooning lullaby
and I wake to the darkness
of time moving forward.
The wind whips beyond windows
and white moves through skies
the bitter cold replacing
her gentle touch,
have you forsaken me gentle spring?
Will you return to play
your lovely games of
pussy willows blowing easy
and the blooms rising to greet
the snow weary eyes?
Will these days move quicker
to get us to where it is
we long to be,
and will you be happy to see
the welcome you will have
with feet dancing
on softened ground.
Alas I wonder why you ran
why you hid so soon,
as the days had been filled
with the happy noises of the birds
and the laughter of people emerging
and as I sit in the warmth
where a fire burns bright
I only long to open the window
to say hello
to wish you a welcome home.