Being in states

Coming home to the soul
to feel the peace in dreams,
wonder found in images
being in states of now.
Long gone emptiness filters
through the tiny holes of endless space,
slipping down to glean each word
piece by piece finally found
and puzzles built slowly,
edges fitting and some expelled
to the pile of useless things
we gaze at the depth of movement
as pages stacked one by one rise,
we find the sense of being
a part of the promise fullfilled
and stand strong to take new steps
towards a limitless path


We fall into the abyss
of sleepless dreams unearthed,
bare moon shines in darkness
broken only by the branch above my eyes.
Color play in thoughts
moving through sight and sound
a miracle of music heard
herald on high the cold sky waits.
Miles away in some foreign place
the eyes peer out through dimmest patterns
of day-to-day thoughts unchanged
and the rock below stands firm
like a read of history repeating
and the black and white fades,
mere snapshots and memories of those gone past
yet we continue to trek searching
for the rope to pull ourselves up
from the abyss of sleepless dreams unearthed
in melancholy states
we long for the silence
and the cutting sliver dangling on velvet darkness,
a new moon calling
and a blessed year to come.

Stream of conscious piece….going with the flow of the 3:33 mind 🙂

Moving hue

Spreading thin
added shades to blend within
the spectrum of beauty rises
like a subtle dream flows
through the mind that patiently sits
waiting in repose.
Beauty unearthed
from empty pages
blank with welcome
the hand follows the theme
of images flowing from deep wells,
the mind spins in eagerness
splashing the dream of what will be
across the naked space.
Have I been here?
Where do these colors thrive
with the intensity of scenes remembered
from a long gone dream
brought forth as the hand moved gently
spinning rainbows in water
as beauty and thoughts flow
like rain on parchment.