In the absence of…

The void sits waiting
like an old coat slipping in
to feel the warmth and peace
calmly covering the lost thought.
Winds blow gently upon a form
as the heat of another day eases into cool
and the minuscule drops fall down from high places,
hands open accepting
the mist of morn.
There are no voices here,
just the silence of the sun lingering below,
her glow on the fringe of day
like an actor off stage,
she will take her rightful place-
rising in her glory
in due time.
Shades of the day to be
the birth of words unspoken on a still tongue,
to not disturb this sacred space
where the essence of thankfulness overflows
and in the absence of measured time,
I stand
feeling the fog surround me like a hug,
I whisper a prayer for peace
and breathe in the cool damp air with a light heart.

This morning upon waking I stepped outside into the cool foggy morning, feeling the tiny droplets fall from the mighty oaks that tower over me, feeling refreshed and at peace, a good nights sleep left me calm and excited for the coming day. Been too long since I’ve felt that joy in my heart, grateful for the words that spill from my mind that had been dormant and suppressed for too long. It’s good to be back. Welcome to another day, peace and love, K