We glitter like

Through words spoken
pieces of glitter like sparkling stars
can never litter
in their joyful beauty,
cascading shine beneath the sphere of lives
always seeing that which stands
before in goodness
we bask in the reflection of sincerity.
Life passes like a shooting glow
streaking past as we try so hard
to hold onto the tail of the comet,
reliving our youth
science fiction double features
we laughed and cried and sang along,
never knowing why but living alive
in that moment as we looked around
realizing we are all so different
yet not so very apart,
gathering the belongings of our upbringing
we moved like hobos for the exit
stage right or wrong
we knew something was waiting
just beyond the door,
another night
another show
always new and different
but the soul never changed
as the curtain fell,
somewhere there would be a light
over at that special place
where the good times never seemed to end.

Changes of shades

I looked to my dreams
Cool air blows upon my neck
And I fall into a sleep
As deep as the sea.
Colors of changing leaves
Whirl through my head
Reds and yellows and an orange tint
That paint the trees,
I dreamt of fall.
She is coming
And I know I feel the joy
To see her face again,
The smile that I’ve missed
And then she will be gone once more
Like the leaves that one by one
Trickle down from the skies
And land on firm ground
Drying out in the sun
To crackle beneath
The feet of hounds.
I dreamt of autumn
With the crisp air
And a moon so close you can touch
Unencumbered view
As trees lay in sleeping state,
Gathering their nourishment
For spring flow of syrup.
Changes in slumber drift through
My exhausted mind
And soon she comes
Summers end
And fall to begin
And I slept on.

A photo of my hound in fall. Not in my dreams but a cutie none the less.

Warmth to fog

Ground releases
The ghostly steam rising
I can see the faded shadow
Edge of pond rounded in the shadows.
Yesterday my ducks came back
Gliding around the water
They stay for a few days
Before flying off on their way
To their home,
Sometimes three
This time two,
But always at least the pair.
I know now it is truly spring
And that this cold return
Is only temporary,
Warmth will return
And burn off the chilled air
In a day or so,
The flowers will still rise
To open finally
Maybe in time for Easter ,
To later be replaced in summers warmth
By others,
Like my birds
Back and forth
Here then gone,
Like the fog
Dropping down
Moving on.