Within the arms

Light plays with shadows
driverless road in and through,
shades and hues of dull to bright
moving as day passes on,
carrying the images
of what you wish to see.
Ribbons of sun drapes around and about,
Maypole of youth remembered fondly,
as days passed drive us forward seeking
yesterday once more.
We never fall back,
down the rabbit hole perhaps in dreams,
hazy summers spent idly in the shade
reading a tale beneath the boughs,
where do we find time now
as age whispers things in ears that close
thinking no, wait
we have become too old for such trivial pursuits,
rush rush the clock charges our beating heart
move fast no time to waste,
but somewhere in that dying light
where branches hang waiting
in our thoughts we climb once more
to the highest part
with no fear left in our soul,
for we become one with our small selves
once more feeling life course through,
and with a smile we return,
finding our feet on firm ground
yet knowing our head
still sits amongst the clouds.

Releasing the magic

Somehow in my minds eye I see him there

Holding the door to let the light free

Every piece of magic from within

Living images of pictures and words

Delivered with just a touch of the hand

Overflowing inspiration he weaves a web

Never ceasing to disappoint.

Kindness flows from every crease

Living in shadows and emerging to spread light

Everything cut and pasted into beauty

Effortlessly from somwehere deep inside

Maker of magic he brings to life

Another splendid show

Never letting down the crowd.
A poem created for my friend Sheldon from the bottom of my heart for the joy you bring to mine and so many others lives here at WP.

Peace and love,


Bunny blessings of cuteness….did I really post this? I think it was the dog….she’s over tired again….

I asked for Oreo cookies….not Oreo bunnies…..(shout out to Neha)

This is what happens to my ears when I think I’ve been bad….I’m never bad….at least I don’t think so….uh oh….am I in trouble?

This is Mom poolside….she didn’t see me take this…..haha…..gotcha….can I have a biscuit?

Mom and Dad before their morning walk doing yogurt by the pool….I just don’t get it…..

Mom gave me some broccoli the other day….this is what I thought….same thing when you feed her cooked spinach…..yeah, we kinda look alike.

Another of me as a youngun’ yeah, in trouble as usual….but with attitude (shout out to Tre) it’s all about the sass…..


Did I mention I think I like carrots….although I’m not sure….what carrot? I don’t see a carrot…..did you drop one?

Shout out to Grandpa R…repeat after me, two cups of rabbits do not make a stew…..Rabbits are not for stew….the only edible kind are chocolate….yeah….chocolate….although I’m a dog and can’t have chocolate….just saying…..

Like all good relationships, unique, special and totally rocking it Ma and Pa…..

Hey, who asked for Groucho Marx?

All you need is love and friendship….at least that’s what Ma says about her blogger friends….(shout out to too many to name….)

Here are more blogger friends…..gosh, does she have enough yet? You all know who you are……

Here’s Moms prom picture……isn’t she the cutest thing? And no, you can’t have her, I’m a jealous dog and I do Not share (shout out to Jernee)

Hey look, it’s a squirrel….nah, it’s just my baby picture giving the high five because I’m a cool dog that way.

Hey, I think it’s an American Eskimo dog…I’ve got one for a friend….just don’t look at his butt….it gets a bit, shall we say…dirty? Not mentioning names…..sorry H…..

Uh oh, I think I hear Mom coming….sorry I took over for a bit, she would never post anything like this…she’s just not that creative…..but Happy Easter….maybe sometime I can pop in again with some cuteness, I’m all about the cuteness.

This post created by yours truly, little Chi….with inspiration from the lonely author and something about a whole lot of rabbits…..now shhhh….I’m gonna pretend to be asleep…

See…..sleeping…just like I said…..perhaps we can blame it on Apple….

Yeah…..she did it😊

WHY IS MY IPAD SEARCHING IMAGES OF RABBITS? Hmmmm…..I dunno….time for bed I think….