Your Poem From Me Request #6 — A Cornered Gurl

The Giving Cause: All Abracadabra’d Out Photo by Ladan Lajevardi via ReShot I’m all abracadabra’d out–the magicseeps in unknowingly these days,and I fear I can’t hold on to itlonger than a few moments.The stars grant me a pass to the other side of the moon, andthere is where I find growth. Expectations don’t fill up […]

Your Poem From Me Request #6 — A Cornered Gurl

This made my day… Tre, thank you for this gift of a poem. I am touched beyond words❤️

Spirit Traveling

Her memories drift higher

as spirit travels

in lucid dreams,

carrying the load through

as she bounces on bliss,

to lightly touch down

for feather soft landings.

The world toys with life

like cat and mouse

playing hide and seek,

and she peers into the darkness

searching for light she finds

a kinder place to linger,

deep in the trenches of heart.

Rise above,

sweet child of the universe

and take the strings that play

the violins soothing tune,

float on goodness and smile

at the coming of a new day happening

before your eyes.

The beauty surrounds those that see

and she will share her gifts

with a humble heart.

Silent Howl

Stars of wonder shine

upon this peace filled heart,

through jubilant thought

I gaze to dear Luna,

emitting a silent howl

the breaks the quiet

like thunder.

Heartbeat of energy flows

its vibrational hum

as crystals cleanse beneath

the shroud of incense,

whispered tufted clouds

scent my surroundings,

and fill my cup to overflowing.

Born again in strength

and the agility to set dreams to flight,

a thousand butterflies could only compete

as the moment manifests its brilliance,

and wakens the ancients of soul

to come forth and dance

beneath her pale, white beauty.

🕉With the coldness bearing down for last night, I opted to cleanse my crystals in the smoke of Frankincense incense. My, what a gorgeous full moon above me, gifting me with a night of vivid dreams and charging me up with its magnificent energy.🕉 Feeling so blessed.