Slicing the night

Standing tall
the arms reach for the sliver above,
white orb hiding in the shelter of clouds
through indigo dreams
I feel the essence of peace.
Fog hangs idly by
moisture drops off edges of reason
and footprints left by stealthy felines
seen for but a moment
before drifting into the mist,
never gazing back before emptiness sits
in her wake.
In places of mid-waking
the mind in tumultuous states
neither here nor there
just heavy and burdened
with the lingering memory of this endless darkness.
Searching for the solitude of being
as the peace stays steps ahead,
teasing to follow where light lingers
between the cracks of the maddening mind
bent on the softness of a feathered dream,
each step taken to reach the end
where calmness hums like a lullaby.