Drifting in…and out

Waves on the beach
Flowing in and out
Metaphor for this life as people
Come and go
Moving through our horizons
One day to the next
Hello and goodbye
You stay to visit
Then rush away again
Off to new places
I can only wonder about
As this life is mine
I cannot follow
I am on this journey
And this life has led me to
A variety of personalities
Of which I am thankful to have
Had them wash in and out
As they drift on
Their own current
Some crashing in on the rocks,
Some a quiet presence around you.
I am most calm in the shallow waves
Of the mighty ocean
I fear what lies below
Fear what I cannot see,
And I marvel at the birds that dive in
And return to the surface to fly away.
My friends,
I will walk the shore
Leaving my footprints
To note that I had been there,
But they too shall wash away
To become part of the whole
Of all that is.