Carousel life

We rotate round

galaxy dust like stars and moons

just never so steady

in our flow.

We move through our lives,

stops and starts

on and off the carousel

relaxing as we feel the breeze created

when we sit beside and watch

the round and round.

Up and down the days grace us

with different views depending upon

the place we happen to be

at the right moment

of the right time

and angel numbers guide

to the beauty and lights that twinkle,

inspiring the child within

to take a ride,

pick a pretty pony and climb on board,

holding on tight as we race through the night

never tiring of the endless joy

that settles upon our face

in the guise of an innocent smile.

Inspired by todays Daily Prompt of Carousel


Days end-New beginnings

We ramble on,

amble on in our moment

searching for the cosmic song

rhythmic waves washing in and out

calling to us like children

the universal chord pulls

moving towards the light beyond

fresh steps leaving tiny prints behind

as we slip into the new world waiting,

the glimmer of a fading sun shines for its pupils

learning to follow the beat of the world

one step at a time we learn

then picking up pace the amble becomes a marathon,

meet you there where the lacy foam waits

on the edge of our forever,

I’ll be waiting wide-eyed

with a gentle smile as we swim

towards tomorrow,

so alive.




Sensations move through

undulating thoughts of life

fabric moving on the softest skin

like diamonds that glitter in moonlight

and blaze in the sun that drips down

as moisture moves like tides

sliding over the curves it finds

shimmering pools left behind

unleashed and alive.

How we find a certain joy

captured in jars and painted on

things that sparkle and give life

opalescent hues beckon eyes

follow the focus to find

the mystery and treasure lying there

within the softest folds

open and waiting.

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer