The depths of love

“Meet me at the pond tonight at 7”. Jessica saw the email as soon as she opened her laptop. A thrill of excitement ran through her when she saw Jeremy’s address and glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall. It was 4:44 and she sighed, not much time to prepare. Her Siamese cat Calypso nuzzled her face as she proceeded to drape her body across the keyboard for some attention. Jessica lifted the purring beast, stroked its rabbit soft fur a few times and then deposited her onto the chair beside her. No time for loving my friend, I’ve got to get ready. She closed the laptop and jumped up from the chair.
Her closet was a myriad of silk and linen, she moved through them one by one before deciding on the sheer white half slip dress. Yes, this will do nicely she thought and hung it up on the bathroom hook on the door. She jumped into the shower and took extra care with her preparations. Coconut scent filled the air as the suds ran down the drain, her long hair sleek and falling to her hips, she rinsed off and wrapped up in her thick towel. Once her hair was perfectly quaffed into waving tendrils and her makeup minimally applied to her liking, she slipped into her favorite dress, the same one she had been wearing the last time they had met at the pond. A night that still woke her in an ecstatic mood a few times a week.
She thought it had been over, not hearing from him for two months as she had sent repeated emails to him. Summer turned into fall and she just assumed he wasn’t interested anymore. Jessica threw on a light overcoat and grabbing her purse, a blanket and her keys, jumped into her car to buy some champagne, berries, a loaf of crusty Italian bread and a nice round of brie. Jeremy was going to get the surprise of his life tonight she thought.
Jessica pulled into the gravel besides Jeremy’s car next to the fence and grabbed the bag of food. The champagne was chilling on ice in a silver bucket wedged between the seat and she pulled everything out, carrying it all through the opening and set it down beneath a tree beside the pond. The night was getting cooler and a fine mist was rising from the pond, she dipped her toe in and realized it was warmer than the air. Smiling, she pulled out the blanket and sat down. She looked around and realized Jeremy was nowhere to be found. Calling his name repeatedly and getting no response, she pulled out her phone and realized she was a half hour early. He must have gone hiking on the trail while he was waiting for her. Jessica was never on time and he knew this so she thought she’d change it up a bit and arrive early to prepare just in case he didn’t show till 7. She got up and walked back to his car. The black car was covered in dust. Jeremy was a stickler for promptness and his car was always immaculate. She tried the door and realized it was unlocked. A Starbucks cup was in the holder half filled with his favorite black coffee and she realized it was ice-cold.
Jessica, are you here yet? A voice interrupted her thoughts and she smiled. Perhaps he was changing after all, letting loose a bit and having fun for a change. He was gorgeous but so uptight she thought and shutting the door she headed back to the pond. The light had faded and she saw ripples moving across the water. A dark head was moving quickly, back and forth and she slipped off her overcoat to reveal the short white sheer gown she wore. She walked into the water slowly, watching him moving about and yelled out, a might cold for a swim don’t you think my love? But she kept moving deeper in, feeling the grasses move across her legs, caressing her with their soft yet slimy feeling tendrils. His head dipped below the water and she laughed seductively. Trying to freak me out my love? as her body kept moving deeper and deeper into the depths. She felt his hands touch her then, moving slowly up her legs, past her bottom and reaching to stroke her stomach. She dipped her head back as his hand found her breasts and she sighed softly into the night air. Dipping down till her chin hit the rippling water, she waited impatiently to gaze into his beautiful blue eyes once more.
His hands gripped her around her neck and he pulled her under. She fought as the weight of his body submerged her, swallowing water as her air supply diminished until there was nothing left. No one ever came to the surface.

Post note: Jeremy had died two months ago, drowning in the pond where he met Jessica after she had left that night.

Just a quick ghost story for Halloween.

Dwelling spirit

Lingering in the shadows
we keep our silence in check
and balances
weightless and deep
we watch the beyond
wondering what draws us in
to the view of colors
through glass pane lives.
Helpless we stand on the line
never stepping into the shades of grey
where the light falls mid day
afraid of being seen
in the company of the mirage
heartless bodies of the walking dead,
we force the energy out
saving it for the gift
into the good souls of those who draw near,
trying to find the piece
left behind.
Ghosts and goblins walked the floors
and we only sense emptiness
for we have become the phantoms
that haunt the self,
feeling the vibes of the darkness
we become as plants
filtering to set free
oxygen-like words to calm,
to soothe the frayed edges
rippled through time and space
we come to bear witness
and tell the tale
as acid rain riddles the stone
and words damage like machetes,
cutting open the weak
and laying waste to the weary.
We gather here to create good,
raising the strength to project forward
like lightning at midnight
we reach out tentacled strokes
and like a butterfly touch down
with whispering wings
alighting on the needy
with love.

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Slipping past

Slipping past the memory
into the realm of forgotten dreams
and thoughts of that unseen
we reach out to touch the haze
through darkening skies
and shadowed days
grasping at the ghosts of self
history doomed to repeat itself
we touch the images
to see
what changes passing days spawned
upon these keepsakes
past their prime
back in time
we set them aside
to ponder fate
letting go
or to wait
for more seconds to tick on by
through the life
we tell ourselves
it doesn’t matter
and perhaps it doesn’t
but we wait unsure,
afraid to let go
and feel
the emptiness
that surrounds
in the cracks and spaces
where it had lived
and finally died,
where forgiveness resides
there waits a light
and we open our eyes
to see
to know
to feel
to let go.

Prompted by a post from my pal Elouise and a reply I had made that got my wheels turning. In a good place, no fears ❤ Peace, blessings, and tidy spaces.