Simply life

You are the flower
Sewing seeds upon this world
Giving life
Where emptiness had been found.
Heart laid bare
Surviving the days
Moving forward
Regaining the semblance of order
When needed most.
I come to you
Words trying to convey calm
As I feel you hold me from behind
Tears falling free
No judgement just raw emotion
And the fear that is spoken
I cast aside
As I am not ready yet to let this moment pass,
The feel of you holding me
An adult yet still the child
Hanging on to composure
Not letting you see
The tipping point of tears,
No, not yet,
This is not the time
For goodbyes,
Just a simple life I love you
From daughter to mother.
We’ve been down this road before,
Strewn with the silence of tomorrow,
Holding back to go the distance,
As you sat by my side,
Chemicals invading each inch
As red poison flowed through
You held my hand
You were the strength
You were there simply being you.
I will be there
Not deserting my post
To hold your hand or dry your tears
To be the one this time round,
Simply life moments
That come and go for each of us,
Just a simple love from the deepest wells
Full of wishes.
Tomorrow will dawn clear,
Sunshine will come and bestow the gifts
Of bigger and better days
And we will be there together,
Walking your garden
And plucking a bloom,
Reveling in the beauty of this life,
Grateful for the simplicity
Of a love born so long ago
That nothing,
Not even time or age
Can ever destroy.

In between

She will become
Her story unfolding
In between the days
Sun and stars she will awaken,
A chrysalis born
To become
The stunning butterfly.
She will light this life
With words and beauty
Art rendered impersonal
She is all that they will admire,
Adorned in personality humble
She will draw them
Like moths to the flame.
This is her day,
An awakening,
Another year passed in a moment
Caught between a beam and a twinkling,
She is borne of the loins of greatness
This is her time
Her moment
Shine on and fly
So high and free,
Live this day
As it was meant to be.

Happiest of birthdays to a sparkle from a star
Happy day to the one who carries the genes
Of a sun filled with the splendor of warmth to the soul.