Cinderella dreams

My hands dig deep in warm swirling waters, plucking up each treasure, careful to clear the grit and debris from each precious piece, rinsing clean in laced waves, set aside to dry. I sweep the sand in piles here and there, scooping them up to set them free on the wind of a plastic bag that hangs waiting, my pail filled with water, ready to wash clean and make new again. I take the rag and wipe away the sweat of grime built up from the winds of nature, the shaking of beasts in the cave, and the day to day layers that build like daydreams as I move about, world to world, room to room. I gather our towels, our niceties and things, swishing them around with the scent of good things to Gain, spinning them like a tornado, hanging them in the salted breeze to let the moisture rise into the clouds, becoming rain perhaps someday. I gaze into the looking glass, wiping smudges off the reflection of tanned skin and a touch of grey, smiling in my own way, lost in another place, daydreaming the chores away. I sit in a world of blue, cool breeze pushed down from the white clouded fan above, imagining my toes in a wave and sand, not too far away from here, where the current need at hand is keeping the beasts at bay, writing my thoughts away while the floor shines like the Florida sun, lemon fresh sheen as I wait patiently for the total dry, where the man who moves beyond the window, slashes at grass and watches for slithering things that surprise, a floor lies in wait for the next storm.

Thoughts on plodding along cleaning house while hubby mows the grass. Mr. Slithers visited me yesterday unexpectedly, I was kind enough to point out to him that if he stays away from me, no harm will befall….he high tailed it out lickety split. Yep, I’m a force to be reckoned with I figured as I sat there with a shovel full of beast dung. Ooops, there’s another pile….but slithers went that way, so I will wait….till tomorrow.

The lapse

I danced between a million stars

Weaving in and out in a lively waltz

And there was such joy to be found

In the moment I was away

Caught in that second when the eye blinks

And the mind loses its bearing

Of where it was,

What it was thinking

Because the beauty so enthralled

The lapse was never noticed.

The little lights vibrated

Their frequency so high and in a crystal ringing pitch

 I heard everything in the chamber

Of an echo of silence

And it rang like the orchestra

Unseen in the pit below

Yet it was understood that they were truly there,

A melody played for me

The eternal tune of all that lives 

And of all that lives unseen in memories,

The crush blended like cream

Of a thousand or millions souls

Those that had lifted me to the ceiling of stars

To join in this ethereal dance

And like a dervish I threw my head back

And spinning round faster and faster

I saw the lights like a carousel

For in that moment I was a child again

Riding up and down on shining wooden horses

And I laughed out loud

Hearing the unexpected noise I stopped,

And the feeling of joy was suddenly unbound

And I stood there on damp pavement wondering

In that very second of escape

Had I really been there at all.

Oh the magic of a lapsed dream caught

In the act of being itself

In all it’s wonderful beauty.

Drive around/lunch hour state of mind

Going nowhere
Lunch time moves
Food in and down and round
Like cars on freeways
Spinning towards the destination
And I laugh as I sit
In my little car
And a few four doors down
The music fills the air
Gary Numan “cars”
And into my mind it goes
This song from rest stop years passed
As I travel through my day
Spinning wheels
Going nowhere
And the song keeps playing
And I dream a moment away
Of silly yesterday
And hanging at the beach
As feet hung out windows
Covered in sand
And the bell rings like a horn
Driving my mind back round
To here and now
And the stop sign ahead
The dreaded wall
Where speed bump slows
Leaving no wind in hair
As time to move forward
Into the traffic of the day
Beep beep
Get outta my way.

Silly thoughts while on my lunch, sitting in the car listening to the song cars and realizing in life we wiz around and back again through our days…maybe it’s time to get the motorcycle out, sun is shining but don’t feel like eating the morning bugs….sigh….and G, I purposely used no punctuation…in case you were gonna ask😆 she says with a big old smile.