Striking distance

Grey skies melting
the sun fades away
rain falls through the atmosphere
as we sit
and watch
and wait
plane sits out on tarmac,
safe to stay in place.
Gotta go
gotta fly
heading home
through the troubled skies,
lightning strikes close
through windows the tired faces
looking at wrists
looking at phones
and I sit speaking
of lightning and rain
and things that nature brings,
no hurry
no worry
some things pass in time
as this shall too
nowhere to go
content to just have time
that always seems to be
in limited supply.
Cannot look at it badly
cannot change the skies
that cry on the pavement
and light the world
with bolts from clouds
angry but moving
slowly away.
Fade to a light shower
going home
peace in my heart,
thoughts in my mind
and a place to leave a piece
of this moment in time
behind to mark
another moment in this day.