The conversation

Last night for a change of pace went out to a local restaurant that is not quite fine dining but close. The place wasn’t very busy which was good as it was an impulse to go there we had not called for reservations. We had a nice table by the window and the food was incredible. About halfway through dinner another couple came in and were seated next to us. The woman was dressed in high end fashion and lots of jewelry including very shiny bracelets over the sweater. The man was dressed in more casual fare, kind of nondescript everyday guy on the street. They were sitting close enough that you could hear every word they said. We were sitting there quietly talking over the last of our wine and something about their conversation just struck me as funny, they seemed almost like a new couple, not quite comfortable…..
the woman asked him something and when he didn’t answer she tells him that of course he can share his opinion, he looks at her and said “if I were to give you my opinion we wouldn’t get along as well as we do.” She tells him his opinion is important and to share, he looks at her and quietly says ok. He has things he would like to hang on the walls, things HE likes and would like to see up. She looks at him and says “well ok, you can hang your things up… long as they’re tasteful”. He tells her that “she is a hoity-toity kind of woman and he is not,”” she tells him that “no, she is not, she just has good taste.” He says”see, you’re not going to let me hang my things up” and she just looks at him and says “only if I like them and they are tasteful”.
I get the feeling their walls will be filled with her. He will live in a house devoid of his own essence and he will most likely be found most days out in the garage-man cave.
I told hubby about what was said once we got on the road. He laughed. We don’t argue, we debate because as he says “you are right” enough to placate me and I am wise enough to know that “yes, I am right”.


A table for many

Join me
The whole of the world
All welcome
We shall sit
Sharing tales and
Camaraderie and laughter
You and I
A celebration
Of a world united
In this moment
Of love
Of laughter
We will tell of dreams
And wishes
Making a toast to
A new and bright tomorrow
That will shine better
Brighter than today.
I close my eyes and see it
Spread before me
Inspiration of joy
Friends and strangers
Come together
For this table is set
For you to enjoy
The dream that is life
And the hope for the future
Where no one is hungry
Where no one is alone
At this table
Of unlimited chairs
I welcome you there.
This table IS life
It will be all you make of it
So come and share
We are waiting for you.