What it is…

Listening to lyrics,
Crushed to the extent
of words that represent
the best of everything
in a child’s eyes,
things unchanged
by wishes and dreams
or escapes of a paradise found,
’cause listening don’t change a single thing
except hearing answers from someone
who slipped in the cracks long before
you came along….
and I see the faces gone
lost in that sullen place
where I visit often
for it is there they teach me
the lessons not quite complete
as they slipped away,
they talk to me
in dreams
where I don’t wish to awaken from
for there are things there
like webs of strings,
following to find
answers I’ve searched for
since a single cell joined,
the music finds me
on the corner of a Southbound lane
there is an answer there…
in the silence of a brick graffiti wall
I find my way
turn round to the shadows eclipsed
by a touch of grey.


We catch the stars like fireflies

caught in jars of our mind,

flickering against glass

and the tiny points of lights

left as a memory

to remind us of something we knew,

that we had tried to capture

often best zipping across the landscape

of the night sky so high.

We watch in awe as days pass us by

feeling so small in the depths of it all

and the moon lingers come dawn

hanging on long enough to touch the rays of sun

and we look away for a moment

returning to find it now gone

sitting on hillsides in our memories

the peace of the darkness lulls us forward

to dream once more of days of tomorrow

and new years to wait on

as the clock winds perpetually on

in our cosmic mind swirl of bliss

we settle in and become one

with this moment

and eager still for the next to come.

Within without

Heart sits and eyes stare
Cool screen shimmer
Within your voice
Light laughter and smiles
Yet I am without
Your warm touch.
Night falls silently
Eyes look above to see
First stars in so very long,
I wonder if you too
Share the vision,
Wishing for haste
And a safe homecoming
Within my soul
Never without
This love for you.

Thoughts to my love so far away…not forgotten, just missed deeply.