Helping hands

Unexpected moments rise
helpless we watch
asking ourselves the questions
what is it we can do
to raise up the fallen.
Gently we cradle the lives
filling our hearts with peace to radiate
outwards in all directions
watching as the eyes meet ours
lighting a glow
of hope.
We do what we can when we can,
often feeling it’s never quite enough
but something is always better
than nothing in the end
and a helping hand
gives more than it takes.

*Yesterday on my last day at work I was standing at the door looking through the glass at the beautiful sky and glancing down, saw a dragon-fly upside down just laying there. I knew the next person who came in would hit it or step on it so I walked outside, grabbing a long brow item and let it grasp onto it (wasn’t sure if they bite or not) and I saw its wings covered in sticky webs and the same with its feet. I talked to it as I gently removed the webbing hindering it and it flew onto my arm. I nudged it off several times and it always came back and landed on me, staring at me with its big buggy eyes (the insect was almost 4 inches long…a huge beauty in brown). I kept laughing and finally got it to let go where it flew up and clung to one of our window clings, peeking at me from the outside. Perhaps it wanted me to come out again to play? I felt such a rush….just think if we could only do such small miracles for the people in the world and around us. I felt blessed. A nice end to my last day. Felt after that perhaps he was telling me it was better beyond the glass and I was doing the best thing for me by leaving. I hope so ❤

Fearless flight

We move through the realm of imagination

where light and color become one with the view

fearlessly flying on tattered wings

determined and moving through unseen.

We are drawn close to the beauty that surrounds

as we dip and glide to rest on occasion

bouncing stems vibrate below our toes

the hum of the earth the song we hear.

In and out of these moments

gathering strength to carry us onward

into skies and sea breezes where setting suns wait

eager to become a part

of our own creation in this life.

Where we go we chose upon waking

into slumbered days dragging

or perhaps to sing to the gathering clouds that call

in joyous accord we rise higher to touch

the grandest images that always arise

for we know in the heart it is what we see

and how we perceive

as we go about our daily missives

our thoughts set intent on the task at hand,

as we settle in for a short spell,

gliding down to catch the drops

of this precious thing called life.

Where dragonflies reside

She writes by the light

Cool white glow emits colors of beauty

Where dragonflies reside

She can be found.

Words spin like summer days

Low and slow and filled

With traces of each yesterday,

She will dream.

Beside the peace of a thoughtful moment

Gifts borne of loving souls

She sits grateful in her space.

As night slips in and a sun flickers into darkness

The pen will weave magic of another day

And the poet will extinguish the Tiffany lamp

She will drift off into tomorrow with a smile.

A beautiful gift sent with no note attached as to the giver of such a wonderful and splendid piece, shedding dragonfly light onto another gift of a lovely bouquet of roses and other lovely yellow and purple flowers. Our lives are truly blessed and if anyone knows who the kind giver of the Tiffany lamp is, please let us now. Many thanks are in order. 

Peace and love and endless gratitude,

K & J