Universal tone

We linger in the sands of memory
sliding beneath-
no mark remaining,
nothing concrete,
A mere echo of what once was
like grasses gathering piles,
this and that caught up
in the Western wind that blows,
the universal tone
like singing bowls
reaching in to the soul
calling you home.
Still blue green waters calm
like gentle rain in thick forests,
heady scent filling
the senses,
the memorys hold
gathering in perhaps to remember
if only for this moment
we lay like stones under the sun,
pieces of stars fallen
on windswept dunes we gather
reading the signs written above
reflective on water in reverse
from start to finish
we become at peace
in solitary fashion,
decorating this life
with who we are,
what we’ve become.

Like light

We weave our way into this season of light,

marigold days with sun gracefully settling

before we are ready

to let go the warmth of moments.

Cut-out thoughts like paper dolls dancing

upon dying leaves left underfoot,

the scent once broken spills into the mind

stirring remembrance like bread dough in a bowl,

rising higher with the warmth found.

Eyes closed against the glare of forward motion,

we turn round and spin in the element of this second,

27 minutes past the hour and falling behind

yet unaware, somewhere within

life’s clock that drives us hard

like demons close behind

chasing us into the chaos,

if we but stop and stand strong in thought,

our conviction is thus,

relishing this everything

as another minute passes

and 32 left before we roam.

With a light step I shall move

not pressed onward, but lost in this very second,

inhaling the scent as the day unfolds around me

and grey skies block the mighty bulb above,

switch turned off for now

but knowing someone will come along

and turn it back on once more.

I will cast my silhouette against the morning sky,

giving praise for all in my grasp

and blessings for each day that shall come

I dance in the universe unbound.

a Mind Set Free

We bounce about in our bliss,
charting courses throughout the cosmos
things we see in our minds,
and dreams we know we were meant to create,
to fulfill and see through to completion.
We listen to our history
straining against the ties that bind,
that stunt the factor of longing,
to touch the sky
we only need fly,
but first we must try.

Voices from across the miles
tears and smiles
we gather like flowers in vases
knowing in vain they too shall pass,
like the thoughts that we carry,
the heavy sacks of guilt given,
yet to set aside
takes strength inside
and as we walk away we know
the way which we shall go.

I hear his voice in my mind,
songs of yesterday mellow and mild,
remembering the passion felt
on discovery of a rhythm new,
how I could never explain to you
the need to be free
and the years now passed
I don’t know where I’ve been,
but the distractions aside
and living beyond the inside
the soul has gone free
from it’s jar on the shelf,
and there’s no stopping now
when the clock is set in motion,

She sits beyond the dunes,
somewhere out there
walking in the rippled sand
by an ocean moving like only it can,
it calls to her gently
come move with me,
we will float on waves of blue
charting our course,
me and you.

Steve Winwood is stirring my thoughts tonight, as I said my goodbyes to the book of face community, devoting time to what to me is imperative and formost, achieving my goals without distraction of drama and aimless activity. A quote from the song haunting me this fine evening, blasts from the past not forgotten. Forgive the mispellings as the ipad of yesterday has no check….but eh, I’m not too worried, it is what it is, elements of me untamed by the dictionary…..Life is too short to be mired by nitpicked grammar….ha! Still smiling, one day down, a lifetime to go💎💫✨

“If you see something that looks like a star
and it’s shooting up out of the ground
And you just can’t escape from the sound
Don’t worry too much, it’ll happen to you
We were children once, playing with toys…

If you had just a minute to breathe and they granted you one final wish
Would you ask for something like another chance?
Or something similar as this? Don’t worry too much
It’ll happen to you as sure as your sorrows are joys.

But spirit is something that no one destroys.”
Steve Winwood- Traffic….the low spark of high heeled boys

Faded into new

Had we but known

as the breath of life slipped away

leaving faded remnants of our former glory,

raw sienna and yellow ochre dying bits

we fell to earth

becoming something other

than what we had always been.

We glided down gently over time

into this lulling wispy dance

etched on water our reflection

we quietly landed unseen,

unheard by all but the universe itself,

we floated forward to destiny.

What were we to become?

we may have thought,

if we gave it any at that point,

spending time wondering at our significance

here and now we held tight

and moved with the grace of time

into new awaking moments.

Turning round curves in life’s stream of circumstance,

sometimes fast like meteors rushing past

and sometimes just laying almost still

watching the clouds above

we ended in a place

gathered together to fade into earth,

we became the next step

as progress and seasons moved past,

our souls reaching to begin again

sheltering the roots anchored deep

in the silt of time we had become a part of,

endless circles of life forever.


We catch the stars like fireflies

caught in jars of our mind,

flickering against glass

and the tiny points of lights

left as a memory

to remind us of something we knew,

that we had tried to capture

often best zipping across the landscape

of the night sky so high.

We watch in awe as days pass us by

feeling so small in the depths of it all

and the moon lingers come dawn

hanging on long enough to touch the rays of sun

and we look away for a moment

returning to find it now gone

sitting on hillsides in our memories

the peace of the darkness lulls us forward

to dream once more of days of tomorrow

and new years to wait on

as the clock winds perpetually on

in our cosmic mind swirl of bliss

we settle in and become one

with this moment

and eager still for the next to come.

Time passage

A thought or two thousand swirl into the vortex

images from yesterday return to view unexpectedly

and I laugh as the train derails into itself

suspended between years and minutes

as a song plays somewhere within the walls

and I move about the lines of linen

observing the instance of a bird who decorates

with bathroom love on the clean sheets

I laugh and shake my head

silly universe I think I said

aloud to the cloud who lingered

curtailing the sun and its warmth

I shook it out.

James sings with his baby face and the cat who is no longer stares

and I feel the sadness for a moment at the passing

yet know I too someday shall pass that way,

and its okay as my mind carries on

its endless parade of images and songs

I sing along for a moment and change the channel

to lighter fare

wondering why I had gone there

and summer days when twelve

as the islands filled the evening with the scent

of campfires and a marriage at twelve

to the boy down the path,

wondering where he is now

and Jack and Diane had played

and life was easy and carefree

and time was just something we knew

as something to note,

to come in to sleep and eat

the rest up to us to pursue

in endless games and swimming with snakes

that slipped in cracks in the rocks.

Perhaps it was the laundry, as I traipsed about

toes uncovered I always watch for moving things

and the wind that blew the sheet into my face

where I saw the smudged gift

that took me back in the mind machine of time

for a small fee of a smile

and a tune in my head

that won’t quite stop.

Mixing messages

She drifts into the conscious thought of a remembered dream,

beauty and flowing waters surround

as the images tell of strange futures

and mixing messages between

then and now.

She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running
Like a watercolor in the rain
Don’t bother asking for explanations

Music playing in the distance of a memory of a childhood room

turning round the record in the night

as the sun disappears into the panelling

beyond the scope of the window cutout,

damp sets in to the fabric of her life.

She doesn’t give you time for questions
As she locks up your arm in hers
And you follow ’till your sense of which direction
Completely disappears”

Falling asleep in the corner where the monsters are blind

tucked into the fever as the ball rolls over

seeking her like a hunted deer

quivering and still as she becomes gone from view.

“By the blue tiled walls near the market stalls
There’s a hidden door she leads you to
These days, she says, I feel my life
Just like a river running through…”

Disappearing into nothing

the ghost of form moves into the places

unseen she watches as the men move on

as she slips away like a fallen tear.

“While she looks at you so cooly
And her eyes shine like the moon in the sea
She comes in incense and patchouli
So you take her, to find what’s waiting inside”

She has returned as the heat passes

and the light of the room by the door ajar

reaches to her senses and she can breathe

safe once more in cotton slips

she falls back into the escape of slumber.

“And you’ve thrown away your choice you’ve lost your ticket
So you have to stay on
But the drum-beat strains of the night remain
In the rhythm of the new-born day
You know sometime you’re bound to leave her
But for now you’re going to stay
In the year of the cat”

Morning comes and the memories of the night

become a distant thought

as she rises to the dawning of the amber sun

she remembers the moon on her journey,

the hidden shadows cast to allow her escape

and she stretches out to touch the softness

of the cat curled at her feet,

smelling the strange perfume upon fur

she inhales the patchouli

content that it was real

somewhere in time she had been moving

yet again.

Words set in quotes- The Year of the Cat from Al Stewart

Balance of life

We will be there

Balancing between worlds of yesterday and tomorrow,

Carving out dreams as we ponder our reality,

Watching as things around us come and go,

Knowing we want it all and more.

More time and peace to cherish the little things,

Miracles to paint the sadness brighter,

Days that end in a quiet acceptance 

And the knowledge that tomorrow will be better.

We will dance and move tired bodies

As the music fills our minds with the memories,

Times with people who are of spirit now,

Whispers of dreams that fell through

That now call to be resurrected

And we have in our hearts this hope,

This prayer for an answer

To see us through the darkness

We climb to the highest points

Reach out with our beings

Giving thanks for all we have received

And send blessings to those who need it most.

Changing landscapes as we shake our heads

And disbelief shatters our minds

For what we know should be so much more,

Searching for the lightness of beauty

In a world that spins faster out of control

We shall keep believing

And asking

And at times dancing in the darkness

If only to feel truly alive once again,

If only to feel in control beneath the highest stars

We are still a part of it all.


How could I?

A mere fragment in that unexpected place,

Standing before something,

Knowing and remembering

Each glint and essence

In those eyes

As they smiled with a deep consuming fire,

The inner light shining like all of creation,

How could I have forgotten

The feeling of being in the presence of

A kindred soul?


I stood there on the edge of the mountain

wind pushing against my body and soul

my feet gripping the line where eternity begins

and earth ends, like sharp talons grasping

as I fell forward into the cushion of air

the invisible barrier holding me as I peered below

like an eagle ready to take flight

no hesitation, just awe at the image of forever

as I flew without leaving the ground.

The fingers of clouds held me still

as the sweet breath of the wind whispered into my soul

and there was no fear of death

no thoughts of what stood behind me

beyond the edge for I had become

a feathered machine turning my head

seeing the impossible in every degree

and I flew in the dream into tomorrow

with words hanging like butterflies

gently landing on my shoulder

knowing not to touch for fear of breaking

the fragile wings that moved back and forth

before taking flight

into the unknown.

The buoyant mind soaring on the current of thought

drifting down into the depths of sleep,

alive and the memory of the dream

never skipping a beat upon waking

refreshed from my flight into the universe.

I’ve changed up my blog a little bit as you can see, so please let me know if you like the new theme and layout, what works for you and what doesn’t. I think it suits me but time will tell, as we are constantly evolving creatures and sometimes changing it up a bit charges up the old soul. Peace and love and no, I’m not jumping off of mountains….just a cool dream I had last night where I fell into forever but was held up by the wind, I just love dreams like that. So exhilarating.