Recreating Yesterday

Surrounded by visions
yesterday places grace our thoughts
remembering moments spent
a translation of sorts
from one scene to the next,
where the water moves
our souls reside.
Taking time to be
in a moment where sun lies beyond
glass panes of thought
what day was it when we watched
storm clouds slink in
unexpected delight
reflected off of the evening tide,
the salt air gathering us
on Carolina shores
so many years ago
but seems like only yesterday.
Knowing there is no perfection
in life or memories
we strive to become one with our craft,
to dabble when time is gifted
and to feel so very blessed
at lessons learned.

Finally gathered the spirit and time today to somewhat recreate a picture that hangs in our home, Surfside beach South Carolina and a view from the balcony to the sea oats and dunes below. Feels so good to create with color again, having finished a gift (a picture for another post) and just being one with the brush. Having a zen moment😑


I remember the scent of hay

growing in fields below a setting sun,


for that moment when ready,




severed and laying beneath the sun

drying out,

curling into a remnant of self.

Words pass through days

reaching in deep

pulling out the moisture

the life blood

the force that gave life

and with a last gasp

rolled into mounds

to serve purpose

in new ways under a winter sun,

brittle and cold

yet ready.

Rough and edged with pieces of yesterday

cut down from the beauty of the growth

fodder for life

still of use

sustenance for the hooved beast,

food for the circle

the chain that moves round,

I should be happy to be

when so many lands lay barren.

For I am a part of all,

it is I

and I am stacked and in circles

waiting for the next move.

One step into calm

I get mesmerized by shades of life,

Purples into blue

Sweet lavender hue sweeping across skies

In the depths of my mind,

Remembering once upon a time

Before it softly drifts away.

I close my eyes and surrender to quiet

Fueled by the present beating of a heart like a drum

Softly played in the distance

Breathing in and out

Trying to capture the essence

Vanilla and jasmine on the wind

Playfully distracting me

From the task at hand.

I move deeper into the shallow spaces

Beneath an image I project in place

Of what should be

Yet denied the total immersion

Into the waiting hands of

A blissful moment.

So I go back in time

To that place of a sky torn in two

Between darkness and light

I ride the fine line

Knowing I will be blown on the winds of change

To where I need to be.

In dreams

Ships move serene
Flowing on clouds suspended
Mind emptied of thought
Under the moon
Sleep comes easily.
Soul refreshed
No worries
No fears
Sailing through
Into a state of bliss.
Rocking ship of skies
Following in the wake
A thousand points of starlight
Translucent sparkles
Each thought a truth
Of all that will be
Universal dreams
Whispering through
Come to me
And guide the way
Into tomorrow.

Photo found on Facebook

The wall

Wistfully sitting
Caught between one side and the next,
On the wall
Perhaps is where I tend to be,
Reality and dreams
A writers pen poised to take in
Absorbing like a sponge,
The thought and feeling,
To capture each beat
Like a song moving through
My memory.
Some days firmly on the ground
Other times floating
On the air like a cloud,
Cells die more a bit each day
Then recreate themselves
In new and different ways,
But try as I might
To catch the drifting thoughts
That seek out in the middle of night,
They slip away quietly
To the dawn and it’s light
Sometimes returning
On the other side
Of this mindful wall.

Violet whispers

Waves of mood
Playing softly in the dusk
Violet whispers
Night bird calls.
Who goes there
Wings flutter in flight
Where have you been
Lavender thought.
Stars peer out
Between dappled clouds
Somewhere out there
The whistle sounds,
Night train moves
On rusted tracks
The mind wanders loosely
As Violet whispers
Soothes the energy
Calm reigns
When night falls
She will return
To purple skies
And meadows of clover.

Of sea glass

She sits on mossy rock
She washed herself up
To sit
In the land of mortals,
To feel the sun
On her beauty.
She glistens
Like sea glass
Slightly faded
From her journey
Through waves and sand.
She waits for no one
She looks out to where she has been
Sees the birds fly overhead
She is the ocean treasure
Gracefully waiting
To be found.