Dusted off

We shake it off, the cobwebs and dust of dreams

silently rolling in their hushed selves beneath afternoon naps

the prints of a thousand bunnies lingering,

bits and pieces and hairs brought to order

natures cast off voodoo dolls run rampant

dwelling in the corner-space of the post

where I left my mind momentarily

like an old piece of chewing gum.

I had forgotten where it was that I had left it

as I moved away the brick-a-brack to find

the goals that were sifted away unknowingly by time.

I feel the grittiness beneath these worn and calloused bare toes

tripping through the dark in the heart of midnight,

and while standing below the clouds beyond the door

I heard the voice gently chide

knowing it is indeed the time to move forward

and attach the message to the letter sent

to the universe.

Shake it off, these dust bunnies of thought

with the purple feather sweep away

and dive into the depths of fear to know

the path has been found once more,

and as the sage who came by post to find me,

she had spoken to my heart and I heard the sound

of laughter on the wind,

come child lets begin

and in picking up the pen,

dipped in the ink of a thousand thoughts

the page blank before beckons me,

the time is now

and there is NO turning back.

Upon receipt of an amazing piece of work from my beautiful friend Tre, her latest book has found me now all charged up and ready to set that goal of publishing my own first book. What a gift, for a friend to inspire unknowingly and in shaking off the dust after my afternoon nap, tripping on dust bunnies and finding a laugh, the time IS now. Not later, not soon, but now 🙂  A book review will be coming soon for A New Kind of Down: The Breath & Bones of a Writer by Tremaine Loadholt.



Like dust of dreams

I awoke in the home of a new world

bodies of fractured dust blown on endless winds,

storm clouds gather to wash me away

cleansing the soul of eternity.

Built on memories through time

yesterday speaks with a thousand tongues,

who we are

what we’ve become

just another piece in the spectrum of it all.

We climb to skies that seek us out

higher in thoughts we float on calm,

dappled skies in black and white

photographs and still life trapped on film,

turn page after page as day is through.

Where we’ve been we sometimes see

in the mind of dreams we chance to know

the truth of lives through a million years

caught in a raindrop falling down

reflecting our here and now

we know

it’s just a small piece

of the whole.


Are we solid moving through time and space

Or merely the dust of a thousand stars,

Pieces of souls falling in pieces,

Like thoughts adrift

In endless space.

Are we the tiniest elements

When pages turn haphazardly

And we search for answers

Most never found

And the motes spin like butterflies on air

Settling to become

A part of us all.

Are we the culmination of memories

Yesterday and today scattered,

And will the wind carry us home

Once again

Where we can be all that destiny foresaw,

Where we can live in the harmony

Of the invisible chord

Vibrating like the sweetest melody

That finds us

That reminds us

That we are here and now

Still breathing.

Into particulate (time passing)

Broom sweeps dust of years
Carcasses of insect
Leftovers from spiders lair,
Aged sustenance piled
A heap at the feet and I track
Particulate through my movement
No chance to capture the minutiae
As into the light of old windows
I see the time slip by.
Sun shadows grow long
And the scent of age lingers
In the cobwebs that brush my temples
And in the crevices a mouse’s meal
Nested in twigs and folded into the pan
Into the bag carelessly
They go.
I survey the hours spent
Empty boxes burned like the flames
That reach for the sky
Devouring each old bit
Floating to the sky
Black wisps charred
Rising to nestle amongst the green leaves
Then fall soundless back down
To this very ground
Becoming too,
Particulate of years
That disappear into dirt
Swirling below
These tired feet.

Photo found on Internet by: http://sheliamullican.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/sunlight1.jpg

For love of luna

Gliding into view
Peeking through
Chantilly lace clouds,
Luna sweet luna
You sing your tune
Smooth like a river
I move along on your reflection
Entranced by your cosmic glow.
How can one so love
The image of you
Lost in your cold white splendor
Mesmerized by your shy
Peek-a-boo games,
You sprinkle my stars
Sweet fairy dust floating
Surround you like a cloak of diamonds,
They too must be in love
With your beguiling self,
They too must be jealous of
Your grand light.

Wishes half flown

Wishes and wishes aloft,
Light on air
Magic delivery daily,
Still more left to set loose,
The best thing with wishes
Is they don’t ever end
Unlike money in pocket
That soons end up spent.
‘Cause wishes are endless
With dreams in your soul
The wishes keep spreading
All over the world,
Each seed will set flight
Whether near or afar,
And more wishes come up
With each laughter or tear.
We wish upon stars
And on pennies and charms
Dandelions fluff
With some already gone,
But turning I see
A million more before me
Wishes and wishes
And dreams to come true
I just sent out another
With love
From me to you.
It’s not too late
To send some more out today
Close your eyes
And maybe you’ll see
A hundred more wishes
Floating Light and so free.
So search in your pockets
For the wish dust you’ll find
And throw it up high
Believe and you’ll see
A million and one wishes
Fulfilled into
Dreams reality.


If dust specks were wishes
I would blow them to you
Each one special
Each one to come true.
I have so many wishes
For that I don’t mind
Because to share them with you
Who are gentle and kind.
My home is a chalice
Of wishes galore
With spring open windows
I’m sure to get more.
So open your arms
I am sending them on to you,
Keep them or share them
Sprinkled liked dew.
I’m not fond of rhyming
It’s just not my thing
But words to spread joy
Ah the comments they bring.
So here is some dust
Open your hand
And shake that fine magic
All over this land.