From here

We smooth the surface, filling in spaces

holes dug searching for answers,

outwit the worms for they will never feed

on this soul

for ash will blow on the wind and settle

back into part of the whole

as we stand and feel the energy rise

giving guidance and peace to the mind.

We are the dirt where unknown bones are buried

burrow through like the creatures residing

deep in the unknown,

snakes sleep in gaps where light never finds

and we too are connected

in our fears and our movement through

like curving waves undulating parting the grasses

we bask in the sun where we find it,

wondering how we had forgotten to remember

these moments of a solitary silence,

and words will rise like fog

burning off in the morning light

becoming like the dew that lies on mounds

burial grounds for yesterday,

damp and a ready feast

for the birds that sink their faces below earth

searching for sustenance,

moving to where it is that perhaps they hear

come here to this place below the towering tree

and find the gifts given,

crawling insects and worms to fuel

for another day of life.

Monday meandering thoughts on dirt (don’t ask me why, it just kept surfacing like a small hill) and life. Peace and blessings and a happy day to one and all ❤


We are all but invisible

below the surface of what those see,

serving purpose not all know

hidden in cracks and crevices

sustaining the soul through word.

The poets purpose

gathering within all seen

the simple things felt below subconscious

we feel it like rain falling upon us

as it seeps into the places where magic is made,

we grow the seed planted

into the heart of the world.

To gaze into the soul,

stirring about the stew

we dip our spoons in to taste

the connection of earth and life

deeming it good we share with the world,

spoon by spoon yet never running dry

we churn out more beauty to sustain

in trying times we go deeper

following the roots of goodness

and cultivating the thoughts that will thrive.

Not quite sure where this came from, saw this very cool image and this is the first thing that came to mind, subconscious flow from my mind….peace and blessings and enjoy.

Lyrics to my life #4

“A beautiful bunch o’ ripe banana
Daylight come and me wan’ go home
Hide the deadly black tarantula
Daylight come and me wan’ go home”

Harry Belafonte-

100_1831.jpg100_1833.jpg100_1836.jpg100_1835.jpg100_1832.jpgYeah baby, the harvest is upon us. The Poetry Channel has requested banana bread to be sent….54 bananas people, 54…..Wow…..I see smoothies in the future, and banana splits, and does anyone have a pet monkey? A little too hot for baking Michael….heavy bunch too. Next tree won’t be ready to be harvested for about 2 more months or so….I think I may hate bananas by then….but now Harry is singing in my brain and won’t go away…..

A plentiful bounty indeed. We are blessed.

Begin and end

So I began where it ended

swirling in wind moving

circular flow

coming round to meet the start

no longer falling apart

but tied like a string whipping in rhythm

circumnavigation of the world

peering into the deepest hole without end

from where I stood above looking down

endless tunnel through

as I reached out to save you

for I knew not where it ended

left with only fear of unknown

needed to try

my strength denied I stood watching

and felt the pull of something greater beyond

and suddenly knew

it was okay to move through

and the other side of the world waited

with new sights to see

in this endless dream

I found myself back at the beginning

in the end.

Waking in the darkness I lay

stillness washing over me

and breath comes steady and strong

as messages of light came to greet me

wondering what it all meant

as I stretched out and began

a new day filled with hope

and inspiration to move through

into the fear and past

to what waits beyond.

Thoughts on a dream I had where a huge hole lay in the ground and the bottom was endless and I kept trying to save everything from falling in but heard a voice telling me to trust and follow, like the proverbial hole to China, I arrived on the other side to this beautiful place where my dog Zip stood smiling. What a happy dream, letting go of the fear and trusting to go forward. A pleasant way to begin the day. Beautiful image found on the internet searching for a photo for rhythm. The dream place near the hole was windy yet held a good rhythm. Have a beautiful Tuesday my friends. Peace. Kim

Within these moments

Complexity amongst simplicity
mind moves in slow motion unsure of direction
wide world washes over like waves
as treasure on the shore leave me wondering
at the peace within these moments,
here one minute then gone the next
retreating back into the shell
of another world.

Spiral staircase memories
wind their way into the hold
plundering the remains to find
tattered pieces of something gone
and forgotten,
still I turn each piece over
carefully viewing the etched beauty of each individual,
unique and different
all so special
putting it in my pocket
for another day.

Creations of wonder
the thoughts of each in this world
stirred by the life within held with tenderness
scented with the salt of wind and tears
and the endless sea like life
that keeps moving in and out
washing a poets soul,
cleansing a spirit with the setting sun
upon the gems of yesterday
we try to grasp it all before it moves
back into the depths,
back to its beginning.

In pursuit of compassion

I see where love lies

Caught in the arms of those who know

The touch of love in the eyes,

The soul of the world in another.

We carry each other through

This life that often leaves us tired,

As we try to navigate the roads

That often leave us lost,

With love in our hearts we shelter

The weakest of the flock,

Teaching ourselves how joy can be found

Wrapped in the arms we keep safe

That which we hold sacred and dear,

Those who fuel our inspiration

And get us through until tomorrow comes.

In the eyes of the protectors we are human,

Ourselves for better or worse

But never condemned in their eyes

For we are their world

A piece of each of us made whole

In unconditional love.

I found this photo on the Internet and had to write something. As I worked out sore muscles this evening in the pool, and let it be known I never swim in the evening, I surfaced at the end of the pool to find my dog a bit frantic, as if she were my lifeguard tasked with saving her damsel… distress and thank goodness, no wet dog to dry off in the end….gotta love those pets. Thank you Apple for worrying…alas no camera to capture the moment….wouldn’t have fared well for the Kodak😊

The darkness within

The dark forest looms ahead

Ghostly greens lay like blankets hiding

Things that move unseen,

Spanish moss hangs cobweb-like

Draped like a funeral shroud,

The eyes watch silently high in trees

As crows caw brings it’s fear and mystery,

And the hawk screeches as it take flight

Grasping at the movement in the night.

A scurry here I do not know,

But see the open spaces waiting

Like a den or lair for the hunters snare,

I don’t go in

I do not dare.

There is evil here on this stretch of road,

Where muddy wallows lay empty and waiting

For gleaming eyes to rise from below

In swamps murky and covered with moss and slime

Something moves and the goosebumps rise,

The hound stays close and gazes in

At something foreign and sinister,

We move past quickly,

No time to waste

As the rustling comes closer

Perhaps were too late.

Just a little thought on the creepy spaces between yards down here where I imagine the monsters and slithery creatures tucked away waiting to jump out and scare….all in fun, the hounds are prepared. 

She waits (black and white)

In the silence below the smiling moon she waits,

wind blows the dying leaves through vacant streets

and she gazes into the eyes of the stars

thirsting for the words to quench her being.

Patterns learned through ages now lost

and the rhythm takes on new meaning as she smiles

at the blank empty houses that lay before her,

behind the castle looms large

yet welcoming to the sage of the night

to open the pages of a new history,

she flips idly the yellowed journals of yesterday

searching for her name written centuries before,

and unsurprised to find

boldly laid out below her finger

her birth and death defined

forgotten yet now known.

She of the dust of wars and love,

traveling to her destiny to find

below a moving earth where tides seek her touch,

the collapse of the walls of the castle falling into waves

and carried away to tomorrow

as she turns to find open space waiting

for the new pen to create

the art of now.

She is

Essence of water she fills her mind

Drop by drop with gentle words

That fall like rain

Into her soul.

She is waiting in peace

Where the movement of rivers rush by her

Because she knows what goes

Will return once more

In another shape,

Another form.

She touches the wetness of each tear that fell

Free into puddles that she stands beside

Protected in her truth she washes them away

One by one her warmth dries each thought,

Her memories weathered gently

like petals between pages in a history book,

Aged and loved


She is the water,

The sun and sky

The fire that burns so deep inside

As the earth becomes each piece of her whole,

A calm energy is left behind

As she waits by the edge

Of herself.

She is the song heard by a thousand ears

And held close to the heart

Through passing years,

She is the girl now woman bold

Forever young

Never to grow old.

Becoming one…solitude of a moment

I sat among the crowded clouds
Thought patterns jump rope with
Images forgotten,
Alone in the moment
Listening to the gossip
Of a murder of crows.
Winged souls flying
Drifting through images
Of barren deserts and sun
Beating down the weak
Into sand.
Wild West places I knew
Where rocks rippled like waterfalls
And skies lasted into eternity
Tinged with the dying light
Of another day.
Wind moved about and through
Slipping by like the passing lane
Invisible lines separating
Yesterday and today.
Coming home to find
Within the heart of solitude
The answers remain aware
Of searches for clarity
Teasing the mind
In a game of hide and seek
Yet the path never altered
Its state of saving grace
Eyes wide open peering
At hanging crescent moonbeams
I reach out to grab the tip
Of a disappearing emotion
Still as yet unnamed.

Amazing photo found at :